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Small to mid-sized busineses


Strategy and planning support


Flexible depending on your needs


Up to 5 days

What is Adapt and Diversify?

In less than a week our Adapt and Diversify service will help you put your business pounds towards strategies and initiatives that work. We’ll work collaboratively with you and your team to look at how you organise your portfolio and make sure the products, services or programmes you offer will get you into the right market and reach the right audience.

Working with key individuals from your team, we’ll help set the right priorities, create metrics to track your progress, and build a clear action plan that everyone’s on board with.


Shape a vision for the future of your business in collaboration with your team and help everyone take ownership over and feel part of your new business strategy.


Test your ideas against real-world insights to map out a set of coherent actions and initiatives for development, and design a roadmap that makes sense, with your team.


We’ll help you to make difficult strategic business decisions in days instead of months and teach you new methods you can easily apply to your day to day work.


Identify new opportunities for your business and find ways to test whether they’re right for you. Unlock new value, explore new markets, and shape new offerings.


Find out how to create and test new business ideas without hesitation. Develop a creative problem- solving mindset that will keep pushing your business forward.

Want to Adapt and DIversify?

Collaborate with STEAMhouse to identify challenges and opportunities to help future proof your business.

Challenges Adapt and Diversify can tackle

Is your business struggling to adapt, or keep up with changes in the market?

We’ll help you review how capable your business is to adapt, and clear the way for innovation and agility in the way you work.

Do you want to adapt without risking what you already do so well?

The right strategy will make use of your business’ key strengths and core assets, not discard them.

We’ll help you create a sustainable business model that builds on your existing strengths.

Are you struggling with team culture?

By bringing key people together and getting input and approval from everyone at each step, you’ll have the alignment and buy-in you need to ensure your strategy is followed through.

Do you need to figure out if you’re on the right track?

The Adapt and Diversify process will show you if you’re moving in the right direction by providing your team with the methods and support you need to work it out together.

Designed for small to medium-sized enterprises


This service has been developed with small to medium-sized businesses (SMEs) in mind.

If you’re an SME who needs support with strategy or planning, or you want to find new market opportunities, get in touch about Adapt and Diversify below.

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