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Businesses and organisations of all sizes and stages of development.


Access to unique and inspirational workspaces, business support and guidance, state-of-the-art facilities and equipment, and the thriving collaborative STEAMhouse Community, in the STEAMhouse building, and online.


From £40 per month with a monthly subscription*.

Get one month FREE when billed annually.


*Minimum 3-month subscription (monthly rolling thereafter).

Why should I join?

You will benefit from all that STEAMhouse has to offer you and your business, on a flexible basis.

You may be a sole trader, or start-up owner with a small remote-working team, looking for unique and inspirational space to hold team and client meetings.

You could be a small business director with limited office equipment and skills within your team, in need of access to state-of-the-art facilities, and specialist training, to help you and your business achieve your growth targets.

You might be a project lead for a large organisation looking for the thought-leadership, skills and experience of a diverse group of businesses, organisations, entrepreneurs, artists, academics, experts, and technical specialists, to help you diversify and break into new markets, or solve complicated service challenges.

You may want to benefit from all of the above, and more – and with STEAMhouse Affiliate Membership you can – at a time and price that suits you.

What do I get?

You will gain access to STEAMhouse physical and digital spaces, a wide selection of business support activities, and join the supportive STEAMhouse community which can be found connecting and collaborating in both the building, and online.

Entry to the physical space – The STEAMhouse building

Located in the heart of Birmingham in the refurbished and extended Belmont Works Factory, STEAMhouse’s physical space reaches across five floors, flooded with natural daylight from large windows and a grand central atrium.

The 110,000 square ft building boasts SME space, co-working space, individual workstations, meeting rooms, exhibition and event space, production space, garden roof terrace, and a Café.

The STEAMhouse building is also host to a wide range of business support activities, giving members support to start-up and grow, support to innovate, and support to learn through workshops, masterclasses, events, training, prototyping facilities, and AR/VR immersion, supported by state-of-the-art facilities, equipment, WIFI and the surrounding 5G network.

The STEAMhouse building is easily reached by train, car, bike, or on foot.

Entry to the digital space – The STEAMhouse Community Site

The STEAMhouse Community Site gives you 24/7 access to training and guidance materials, business support, book events, and the STEAMhouse store. It also enables you to digitally connect and collaborate with the STEAMhouse Community at any time, wherever you’re located in the building, the region, or beyond.

You can build a professional and business profile within the digital space, enabling you to promote your skills, knowledge, and work to the STEAMhouse Community to support with their collaborations. You can also search for skills and experience offered by other Community members and connect and collaborate with them on your business development activities.

You and your team can publish your thought leadership, knowledge, and guidance, on the exclusive STEAMhouse Community blog, enabling your content to be seen by other Community members, and the STEAMhouse Crew, who can then share it across their external networks and channels, helping you and your business to reach new audiences and markets.

The STEAMhouse Community Site is easily reached on any PC, laptop, or mobile device from any location.

Join a thriving STEAMhouse community

STEAMhouse is more than just its physical and digital spaces, state-of-the-art facilities and business support. More importantly it’s a living and breathing Community made up of a diverse mix of entrepreneurs, businesses of all sizes, artists, academic experts, and technical specialists, all working together and supporting each other to develop impactful and unique business solutions, based on STEAM thinking and methodologies.

It’s this active Community that makes STEAMhouse even more unique and impactful, enabling you to connect and meet with like-minded members, either within the building, or online, and have a conversation, or form working collaborations, that will help you find solutions to business or service based problems or challenges.

The STEAMhouse Crew, who make up part of the Community, can also guide and support you on technical journeys, and introduce you to new working methods and thinking. This supportive Community will help you generate unique ideas and identify new business opportunities by reaching solutions in ways that you wouldn’t if you were working independently, or with team members from just within your business.

The STEAMhouse Community is easy to connect and collaborate with in both the physical and digital spaces.

What our members say

STEAMhouse has provided me with invaluable support through the introduction to experts, mentors and business advisors.

Hardeep Randhawa, founder of PROLIMBS

I have felt supported and never feel lonely when thinking about making a business decision.

Simon Caulton, business owner of Ones and longest-serving STEAMhouse Incubator client

With the help of STEAMhouse, I’ve worked on 3D printed sculptures and interactive 3D applications that span various immersive technologies such as virtual reality and augmented reality.

Taran Singh, Director, Taran3D

Benefits of becoming an Affiliate Member

  • Access to STEAMhouse physical and online spaces
  • Connect and collaborate with the STEAMhouse community
  • SME space, co-working space and workstations
  • State-of-the-art facilities and equipment
  • Private meeting rooms
  • Physical and digital collaboration spaces
  • Production space and technical specialists
  • AR/VR studios and expert guidance
  • Discounted support to start-up and grow
  • Discounted support to innovate
  • Discounted support to learn
  • Discounted events and networking opportunities
  • Support and facilities for product prototyping
  • Support and space for product launches
  • Support with obtaining funding and investment
  • Space for exhibitions, events and networking
  • Exclusive member only events and talks
  • Exclusive member only business support and content
  • Opportunities to push content across STEAMhouse channels and networks
  • Collaborate with likeminded businesses and entrepreneurs
  • Collaborate with academics, experts and technical specialists
  • Collaborate with highly skilled graduate talent
  • Catering service
  • Vibrant Café
  • Free WiFi
  • Benefit from surrounding 5G network

How much does it cost?

We have three membership fees to suit business and organisations of all sizes (prices are per month and exclude VAT):

£40 – 1-10 employees*

£60 – 11-50 employees*

£150 – 50 plus employees*

Want to receive one month FREE? Choose annual billing.

Want to pay monthly? Choose monthly subscription (minimum 3 months).

Prices are for two Affiliate Memberships per business.

*Full time employees only.

This sounds great, let me in!

Interested in finding out more about becoming a STEAMhouse Affiliate Member? Please complete the short enquiry form below, and a member of the STEAMhouse Crew will be in touch to discuss how we can help.


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