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STEAMhouse Affiliate Additional Membership Terms and Conditions

  1. Purpose of the document
  2. The Term
  3. Overview
  4. About STEAMhouse Affilliate Membership
  5. Principles
  6. Code of Conduct
  7. Benefits
  8. Membership types and fees
  9. Variation
  10. If STEAMhouse is Not Available
  11. Insurance
  12. Miscellaneous Terms and Conditions
  13. Contact


1. Purpose of the document

This document provides Additional Terms and Conditions for Affiliate Members of the STEAMhouse business community. STEAMhouse is offers a range of support services to the business community and is delivered by Birmingham City University through its trading subsidiary BCU Enterprise Limited (BCUE). Reference to Birmingham City University (BCU) herein, will include any and all subsidiary companies acting on behalf of BCU. These Additional Terms and Conditions are aimed at STEAMhouse Affiliate Members (also referred to as “you” or “your”) who are signing up to become Affiliate Members. By agreeing to these Additional Terms and Conditions for Affiliate Members you hereby agree that you are doing so in your commercial capacity as part of the development of your business.

These Additional Terms and Conditions for Affiliate Members are in additional to the standard terms and conditions of trading of BCUE ( and any terms included within the relevant order form confirming the supply of membership services (“Order Form”)

Any additional services requested by you, to be delivered through STEAMhouse, will be under separate terms and conditions, as pertaining to each specific service. These services are subject to change from time to time but currently include:

  • Consultancy
  • Use of space
  • Training
  • Product development support
  • Prototyping
  • STEAM challenges

2. The Term 

These Additional Terms and Conditions commence from the point the Affiliate Member accepts the Order Form (as defined in BCUE standard terms and conditions of trading) for membership or accepts performance of any of the Affiliate Member services. and will they remain effective for a minimum of 6 months and can be terminated in accordance with these Additional Terms & Conditions or the BCUE standard terms and conditions of trading, after the initial 6 months. Please note that BCUE retains the right to terminate any agreements with the Affiliate Member within the first 6 months in line with the BCUE standard terms and conditions of trading.

3. Overview 

STEAMhouse (also referred to as “we” “us” “our”) is a living, breathing, collaborative community of experimentation, creativity, innovation, and change.  We aim to demonstrate how art, design and creative thinking can intersect with Science, Technology, Engineering, and Maths to stimulate Innovation in support of cultural and economic growth.

4. About STEAMhouse Affiliate Membership 

We invite our business community into STEAMhouse to grow – through networking with a difference, thinking, learning, experimenting, prototyping, and building products and services.  Our community can take inspiration from our expertise, facilities, events, skills gyms, masterclasses, networks, mentors and technical support.  They can make ideas become reality with the potential to access tailored spaces including a fully equipped maker space that includes wood, metal, print, digital and immersive media workshops, specialist teaching facilities, R&D labs, business incubator and co-working spaces. In addition, they can access 1-2-1 support from expert technicians, business development professionals and mentors.

5. Principles 

STEAMhouse is led by five guiding principles:  Collaboration, Conversation, Exploration, Newness, and Openness.

Both here in Birmingham and across the globe we see that STEAM is centred on collaboration and openness, and we believe those principles are most fully realised when we treat the arts and the sciences with equality; not equality in being the same – we celebrate difference.  By this we mean:

  • Equality in the sense of opportunity,
  • Equality in the chances for analytical and creative approaches to be fully expressed, and;
  • Equality in our commitment to using the widest range of ideas to drive innovation.

6.Code of Conduct 

STEAMhouse Affiliate Members agree to treat each other and all staff, students and visitors with respect at all times and to conduct themselves in a professional manner.  If STEAMhouse should at any time receive a complaint about an Affiliate Member, STEAMhouse reserves the right to investigate this complaint and in its sole discretion, to suspend or terminate (with immediate effect) an Affiliate Member’s contract for a breach of these Additional Terms and Conditions (or any documents referred to within). If there is any breach of these Additional Terms and Conditions we may decide (within our discretion) that this also constitutes a material breach of standard terms and conditions of trading of BCUE.

The Affiliate Member agrees to comply with the following provisions at all times:

6.1. Compliance with STEAMhouse House Rules 

The Affiliate Member must comply with any House Rules within the STEAMhouse User Manual which may be imposed by STEAMhouse. The STEAMhouse User Manual will be available on request. We reserve the right to make changes to the STEAMhouse User Manual at any time on giving you a minimum of 14 days’ prior written notice

6.2. Compliance  

The Affiliate Member must comply with all relevant laws, rules and regulations in the conduct of its business and operations. The Affiliate Member must not commit any illegal or inappropriate acts on the premises or wider Birmingham City University estate or any acts that damage or potentially damage the reputation of STEAMhouse / BCUE / Birmingham City University / other Members and the Affiliate Member must immediately report to STEAMhouse Membership Manager any such acts of which it becomes aware.

The Affiliate Member must not do anything that may interfere with (a) the use of any work area; (b) services provided by the STEAMhouse; or (c) other members. This includes but is not restricted to, causing a nuisance or annoyance, security or confidentiality breaches, acts that may increase the insurance premiums or cause loss or damage to STEAMhouse / BCUE / Birmingham City University, or acts that are detrimental to other members’ businesses.

These Additional Terms and Conditions do not give the Affiliate Member, their business or their members, customers, staff, collaborators or potential customers the right to licence, exploit, use, access or make a profit from any property (including, but not exclusively, intellectual property of all descriptions and software) whether owned by BCUE (or where applicable Birmingham City University) or another party and full rights are maintained in respect of such property.

6.3. IT Policy and Data Storage 

STEAMhouse will offer access to the internet for clients (subject to any internet interruption which is outside STEAMhouse control), BCU will accept no liability for connectivity, hardware or data used by any Affiliative Member. The responsibility for connectivity, hardware and data will be that of each Affiliative Member.

The Affiliative Member must abide by the rules and regulations as set down by STEAMhouse and BCUE (or where applicable Birmingham City University) regarding the use of computing facilities, email and internet access and available on request. The Affiliative Member is responsible for the storage and back-up of their data according to the guidance given by STEAMhouse. STEAMhouse will not be liable for any loss, damage or expense, however arising from damaged or lost data.

The Affiliative Member must comply with a number of policies and procedures which are available in the User Manual. This include but are not limited to the following:

  • Copyright and file sharing policy
  • Information Security policy
  • Computer Systems and Networks policy
  • Guidance Notes for the Use of Computer Systems and Networks
  • Rules and Regulations

7. Benefits 

Affiliative Member benefits are available to view on the STEAMhouse website All additional services that members might request are subject to separate contract and pre-booking. We cannot fully guarantee the availability of each of the benefits and STEAMhouse reserves the right to amend, remove, suspend or replace any benefits at any time (see Variation under Clause [9]). Bookable spaces, resources, events are limited by capacity. Refer to STEAMhouse User Manual, available on request for more information.

8. Membership types and fees

  • Details regarding your Affiliate Membership are available to view on the STEAMhouse website and will remain under review and are assessed on an annual basis to ensure we offer the best possible service to our members.
  • The Affiliative Membership fee is to be paid monthly in advance as invoiced for by BCUE or as agreed via the type of purchase process used by you to purchase the Affiliative Membership.  Please refer to the BCUE Terms and Conditions ( for payment types and terms. STEAMhouse reserves the right to review the fees payable and if it determines that an increase in fees is appropriate it shall serve not less than (2) two months’ notice to relevant Affiliative Members specifying the new fee structure and make this information available through its published rates – Prices stated are exclusive of VAT.
  • Your membership allows you certain access to benefits as set out in the STEAMhouse User Manual.

9. Variation 

We reserve the right to make changes to these Additional Terms and Conditions at any time on giving you a minimum of 14 days’ prior written notice.

We may make minor changes to the Additional Terms and Conditions or services provided to you, to reflect legal or regulatory changes or to implement minor technical adjustments and improvements. These changes may be made unilaterally by STEAMhouse.

For more significant changes to the Additional Terms and Conditions or services provided to you, you may object to any changes to the Additional Terms and Conditions and you are entitled to terminate your membership by emailing and receive a refund for any pro-rata fees paid that relate to the time you will no longer receive services.

10. If STEAMhouse is Not Available 

In the unlikely event that STEAMhouse is no longer able to provide the Affiliative Member with any services that materially and substantially affect the services set out in the offer to the Affiliative Member, then the agreement for membership will end and the Affiliative Member will only have to pay the standard fees (i.e. the standard monthly membership fee) up to the end date and for any additional services the Affiliative Member has used. STEAMhouse is not obliged to find alternative services or premises for the Affiliative Member.  STEAMhouse is not responsible for any business interruption liabilities, including from continued construction works.

11. Insurance 

STEAMhouse does not provide insurance cover to the Affiliative Members. It is the Affiliative Member’s responsibility to arrange insurance for its own property brought on to STEAMhouse’s premises and for its own business activities

The Affiliative Member is strongly advised to arrange adequate insurance against all such potential loss, damage, expense or liability.

12. Miscellaneous Terms and Conditions 

Affiliative Members must be 16 or older and be acting in a commercial capacity.

As a general rule you may not transfer any of your rights or obligations under these Additional Terms and Conditions or your membership to any other person.  An exception to this rule applies to employees within the same company as the Affiliative Member, whereby it is possible to extend your membership, with the same benefits, with one (1) other named employee within the same company.  Where an additional employee is included, they will have no right to vary or amend these Additional Terms and Conditions (or any other terms referred to within). In addition, they will be required to comply with these Additional Terms and Conditions (and any terms referred to within) and the Affiliative Member agrees to indemnify STEAMhouse (and BCUE/ Birmingham City University) in relation to any losses or damages arising out of the employee’s acts or omissions whilst using the applicable services.  4 days written notice is required to set up your company employee by emailing

You will need to adhere to fire safety and health and safety regulations as dictated by STEAMhouse User Manual which is available on request.

If there is any conflict between any terms of your Affiliate Membership Agreement, then the order of priority of terms will be:

  • Order Form
  • BCUE Standard Terms and Conditions
  • These Additional Terms and Conditions
  • Any other policies/procedures referred to within the terms and conditions set out above.

13. Contact 

Please contact via if you have any queries.