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Businesses of all shapes and sizes


Introduction to generating value from AR/VR


Flexible depending on your needs


1-2 days

What is AR/VR Discovery?

Our deep-dive AR/VR Discovery service is for you and your team to explore the possibilities of augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) technology.

We’ll show you how AR and VR has already crossed over into the mainstream, helping organisations like yours solve everyday problems, improve their products and services, make efficiencies, and reduce costs.

Our specialist technicians will guide you in trying the technology for yourself, help you find opportunities in your own business and develop a strategy for implementation.

What our members say

With the help of STEAMhouse, I’ve worked on 3D printed sculptures and interactive 3D applications that span various immersive technologies such as virtual reality and augmented reality.

Taran Singh, Director, Taran3D

AR/VR opportunities you’ll explore

More efficient design and engineering

Designers and engineers are bringing what they’re making into the immersive realm, helping them to see models in greater detail and develop practical and efficient solutions more quickly.


VR creates immersive, emotive training experiences that open up environments that might be expensive, limited, or even unsecure in the real world.


Extended reality (XR) technologies are enabling creative, emotional and practical ways to strengthen customer relationships, brand loyalty and increase sales.


The sense of ‘being there’ in VR transforms the storytelling experience. Extended realities represent the birth of a new medium; the only limitation is your imagination.


AR and VR are set to completely transform the shopping experience. Immersive media lets your customers engage with your brand and products in a whole new way.


Extended reality technologies are beginning to make a huge impact on the creative industries. They have the capacity to evoke feelings, which can make content more powerful than when presented through traditional media.

Tailored to your industry

Design and Engineering

While simulation and visualisation tools have been used by engineers and designers for a long time, AR and VR promise to make these technologies even more accessible and productive.


XR allows you to get a feel for building structures and eliminate unknowns like never before. Maximising design capability and reducing construction time saves enormous amounts of money, prevents complicated re-works, and avoids miscommunication.

Real Estate

Tour properties in an instant instead of having to attend numerous open houses. Use XR to mentor new hires and show them the ropes. Developers can tour buildings and adjust plans without ever having to break ground.

Construction & Manufacturing

Create virtual, game-like environments for individuals to practice using tools and equipment, without requiring any hardware. Monitor the performance of employees, help them master the system, and create an efficient routine for operating equipment.


Help remote and on-site workers interact more effectively, strengthen relationships and lower staff turnover. Meet with potential hires and assess their skills in an immersive environment.


Showcase what you’re selling without needing to store products on-site, and collect data on your customers’ behaviours and purchasing decisions.

Journalism and Media

Tell compelling, immersive stories in VR environments. Let your readers experience the news rather than read it.


AR and VR are enabling creators to redefine storytelling and narrative content via an entirely new medium. The possibilities are endless.

Designed to introduce you to the value AR and VR can bring to your business

This service has been designed to give a variety of businesses across different sectors a deep-dive introduction to technologies that are already disrupting your industry.

We’ll help you uncover opportunities and guide you to further support at STEAMhouse in partnership with our research and development team. 

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