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STEAMmates: Meet Shaheeen – artist, designer, STEAMhouse member and local innovator with a Lancashire accent.

STEAMhouse brings inventors, entrepreneurs and craftspeople together. Our new and growing community are sharing skills and knowledge to develop exciting new ideas and products.

We’ve caught up with artist and STEAMhouse member, Shaheen, to see how STEAMhouse is benefiting regional businesses/creatives.


Hi Shaheen, thanks for taking the time out of your project to speak with us today, can you tell us a little about yourself and what you are working on?

ShaheenHaving creatively, exhibited, worked and mentored within the art industry for the past 20 years I have several strands within my art practise.

I work with brush and ink for some of my projects/artwork, whether its defacing high street store catalogues (2010) or reworking maps. Recently (2017) I collaborated with a scientist at a local university to look at climate migration. My commission work is hand making lampshades using 15th Century maps. I respond to maps as a means to offer hope and comfort to the displaced around the globe by creating small paper tents, directly onto a large map. Having structured a simple tent shape I hand sew each one together using a blanket stitch, a stitch that is reminiscent of comfort and safety.


What inspired you to focus your energy into this field?

I am interested in how history is told, how we learn about our past and where my place has been within Europe over the centuries. Maps are easier to work with, as there is less


to disagree with. Sharing and caring is needed far more in the world at any given time.


So what is it you are looking to build / achieve?

I am working on several prototypes from my ongoing research into Moorish lampshades.

My artistic approach will be to combine my brush and ink work onto the lampshades. Within the digital suite at STEAMhouse I will explore laser cutting. Perhaps at a later stage I will work with virtual reality to combine my brush and ink work.


Sounds fantastic, can you tell us how STEAMhouse came into your thinking?

My art friend and mentor Pat Dawson (Freelance Producer), suggested I approach Clayton Shaw, Programme Manager at STEAMhouse, when we were discussing how I could innovate with my work.


And what is it you have done with us so far; did it start off by attending the STEAMlab?

I attended the STEAMlab Health Hack, STEAMhouse inductions and I’ve had a couple of curatorial sessions with Artist Ruth Claxton which have helped me gain leverage of my creative strengths and get to grips with my research and designs.

STEAMlabShaheen at Health Hack

What’s next in your STEAMhouse/ project journey then?

I aim to work with STEAMhouse to create large scale sculptures of my maps and tents.

I will be taking my black and white brush and ink work through to a digital outcome, I hope to have my

Shaheen and Ruth

first prototype within three months.



What words of advice would you give to other innovators out there (feel free to give STEAMhouse a shameless plug 🙂)?

Why wouldn’t they get involved? Such fantastic opportunities to collaborate and try out ideas on our doorstep. Highly recommend!


Thanks Shaheen, we look forward to seeing what unfolds for you and your work.


For more information on Shaheen’s work visit her website here.

Feeling inspired? Get involved with STEAMhouse by checking out our upcoming events or by applying to join here.


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