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Final round  of STEAMhouse funding is now available to members.

When is the deadline?

Thursday 28th March 2018 at 3pm.

Who can apply?

Anyone who has registered with STEAMhouse as a Sole Trader or Business (no match funding is required as a condition) who have completed their 12 hrs assists through STEAMhouse to support you in developing your product.

How much is the grant for?

The Grant amount is for £2,500 broken down into £826 for IP (Intellectual Property) support (which is compulsory) and the remaining £1,674 is for use on prototyping or additional materials in support of your product idea being developed at STEAMhouse.

How do I claim any reimbursement of funds spent, if successful?

If successful, a new contract will be issued for you to sign and return and then you will be set-up on Birmingham City University finance system, so that on evidence of receipts, redacted bank statements and the submission of an invoice, STEAMhouse will arrange for a reimbursement for the £1,674 in total.  This can, however, be broken down into one or two separate payments ideally within a six-month period from the start of the contract for this round of funding.

How do I know what IP support I will need?

There is a variety of free IP support available through STEAMhouse Phase 1, e.g. IP advice and guidance & Innovation capture, Commercialisation, Market Assessments and a meeting will be arranged with an internal IP consultant to help you to determine the best approach before being transferred to externally appointed consultants responsible for advising on all the STEAMhouse projects.

Is there another round of funding?

This is the last round of funding for 2019.

What Next?

Please download the attached funding forms and complete or contact Sophia Tarr, Business Engagement Manager for further information via


  1. STEAMhouse Grant Application Form – HERE.
  2. STEAMhouse Grant & Receipt Submission Form – HERE.

Sophia will then be in touch to advise on your next steps.

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