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Bharti Parmar and Courtney Cornelius.

Artist member Bharti Parmar, will be showing at this year’s Coventry Biennial, a
city-wide visual art exhibition which celebrates and promotes contemporary art and artists, and is rooted in the city of Coventry, its history and its future.

The Biennial will take place from the 4 October – 24 November 2019 in venues such as The Row, a disused NHS facility, The Herbert Art Gallery and Museum and Coventry Cathedral, to name but a few.

The biennial’s title the year is The Twin and it comprises a series of exhibitions, events and activities about relationships, twin cities, translation, collaboration, political inequality and conflict.

Matching Pairs detail. Vinyl marquetry playing cards 2019. ©Bharti Parmar
Matching Pairs detail. Vinyl marquetry playing cards 2019. ©Bharti Parmar

Bharti will be showing works made at STEAMhouse including an installation called ‘Matching Pairs’, a set of playing cards based on the children’s card game using images for the 21stcentury.

She will also be exhibiting as the duo Parmar & Piper in which she has made a hybrid painting with UK artist Marion Piper by enacting specific instructions written to each other.

Matching Pairs with technical staff.

Read our recent feature on Bharti’s commission to take over the ITV logo  for a week earlier this year.

Members Matt Gale and Lily Wales will also be exhibiting at the Biennial through New Art West Midlands recent regional graduates programme.


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