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3D designer, artist and STEAMhouse member, Taran Singh, has recently jumped full-time into his innovative 3D design business, specialising in interactive experiences. We caught up with Taran to find out more about his project, challenges he has faced launching his business and his growing confidence as an entrepreneur.

Hi Taran, thanks for taking the time out of your project to speak with us today, can you tell us a little about yourself and what you are working on?

I am a 3D designer and artist who has been working in the engineering and architectural industry for the past 15 years. I am working on 3d printed sculptures and Interactive 3D applications which span across various immersive technologies such as virtual reality, augmented reality and touchscreens.

What inspired you to focus your energy into this field?

I have always been interested in sculpture and 3D games from a young age so 3D modelling was a natural way for me to combine my two passions which I absolutely love doing. The technology has advanced to such a degree at the moment they are becoming more and more accessible, making them available to smaller businesses and individual artists and I think I can help people utilise this technology.

What is it you are looking to achieve?

From personal experience, I feel there is a lack of understanding and awareness of immersive technology.  I am trying to show people that immersive technologies have and will continue to play a critical role in the way people run their businesses in the future.  We have already been working on various projects with heritage artefacts from museums which have been extremely successful in engaging new audiences in innovative ways using virtual reality headsets and augmented reality. I want to show businesses and artists how immersive technology can help them work smarter, more efficiently and have a greater impact on their audiences.

What challenges were you facing before STEAMhouse?

As an entrepreneur, it can be very isolating and overwhelming. The main challenges can be broken down into two categories. The first is about tangible things such as space and access to equipment as well as expert advice. The second set of challenges are more psychological, such as doubt and fear. It is very easy to hit a roadblock and for it to derail your momentum which can set you back months. I was in this position myself struggling to keep my business going while holding down a part time job to pay the bills.

Can you tell us how STEAMhouse came into your thinking? 

I found out about STEAMhouse via a workshop link my friend forwarded to me.  The workshop was for artists looking to develop their businesses. I fell in love with the idea of how STEAMhouse supports creative businesses and decided to make an application to join.

What is it you have done with us so far, how did you start your journey? 

STEAMhouse has given me the support and advice I needed to take my business to the next level which has given me a lot of self-confidence. As I have mentioned before, running your own business can be quite isolating and sometimes you can hit a brick wall as well as facing important decisions that you are unsure of.  The reassurance and advice I have received from the STEAMhouse staff has enabled me to make informed decisions. In addition, the courses have allowed me to put good business practices into place. The result has been that I have more self-confidence and my business has grown rapidly. More importantly, it has enabled me to leave my part-time job to run my own business full-time.

STEAMhouse has also enabled me to be around other like-minded creative people who are facing similar challenges to myself, which is crucial. Being surrounded by positive people and the creative community atmosphere is extremely helpful.

What’s next in your STEAMhouse project journey then?

Ongoing business growth as well as creating wider awareness and adoption of immersive technologies, not only for businesses but for my fellow artists. I am always on the lookout for interesting projects so collaboration is something I am very keen on. Now that I run my business full-time I am aiming to spend a lot more time at STEAMhouse.

What words of advice would you give to other innovators out there (feel free to give STEAMhouse a shameless plug )?

For any small business whichever field they are in, it can be extremely isolating and there is a point when you can plateau. This isolation can play a detrimental effect on your business growth.  STEAMhouse plays a crucial role by:

  • bringing like-minded businesses together which not only enables collaboration but also provides business-to-business experience support.
  • providing quality workshops within its building which is time-efficient.
  • providing business support which is of outstanding quality.
  • access to business networks outside its building hub which can enable you to expand your business network.
  • listening and catering to what creative businesses need.


Thanks, Taran, we look forward to seeing what unfolds for you and your work.

Check out Taran’s 3Dwork at 

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