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The STEAMhouse programme is built around three routes which have been designed to support a variety of sole traders, enterprises, and organisations to innovate.

Business support underpins all our routes and our Challenge Route is designed to facilitate collaboration across sectors and disciplines, to stimulate innovative ideas. Our STEAM Sprints, Labs, and Challenge Events help you find answers and opportunities fast.


STEAM Sprints

These are intensive design sprints that enable teams to tackle product, service, or social challenges and test new ideas using creative problem solving methods. Diverse perspectives are critical to a successful STEAM Sprint so we’ll work with you to bring the right people together.

During a sprint, we’ll guide you through a design-thinking process that gets under the skin of the problem you’re trying to solve. You’ll work together to generate new ideas and get testing quickly with low-fidelity prototypes. Participants benefit from a learn-by-doing approach that results in an actionable development plan for the ideas generated.

STEAM Sprints are currently free to access. Due to COVID, sessions are being hosted online. If you or your team have a critical product, service, or social challenge you’d like to tackle – get in touch.


These are highly experimental collaborative workshops where participants work through a STEAM process that impels them to think about the development of projects, products, and services in completely new ways.

Each STEAM Lab is different but every one is underpinned by five guiding principles: conversation, exploration, collaboration, openness and newness.

STEAM Labs bring together a variety of sole-traders, startups and artists to benefit from cross-sector perspectives on their work in order to stimulate radical new ideas. Participants will try out inspirational methods and processes guided by practitioners from across science, technology, engineering, the arts, and mathematics.

If you’re looking for ways to push your thinking further, STEAM Labs are currently free to access and we’re actively looking for people to take part – get in touch.

STEAM Challenge Events

These are bi-annual, one to two day ‘hack’ style open innovation events. They bring together stakeholders from across sectors to tackle complex business or social challenges, such as food insecurity, transition to a green economy, or improving city life with technology.

STEAM Challenges are instigated by partners such as local authorities, corporate companies or academic faculties. If you’re a public sector organisation, large business, or charity with a challenge that needs tackling, – get in touch.

COVID-19 Update

All our collaborative workshops are currently being hosted online. Unlike webinars and online discussions, we’ve developed methods and activities that help you meaningfully collaborate together virtually. Read about our latest STEAM Sprint here.

If you’d like to try virtual problem solving and idea generation for yourself – get in touch.