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An exploration of materials, technologies and space for the future urban landscape

April 8th 2024 - April 10th 2024

10:00am - 16:00pm

STEAMhouse, Birmingham

Workshop Overview:   


Join us for a three-day future scoping workshop, exploring alternative material futures within the context of climate emergency and local urban landscapes. 

City ecosystems are the breeding ground of great change. Among the challenges of ambiguity and uncertainty rooted in climate change, are opportunities for interdisciplinary thinking and creative problem solving. The challenge now is to develop resource efficient systems and approaches to materiality that enable a healthier and more sustainable future for living species as a collective whole. But what does this future look like for our immediate surroundings? 

Disruptive and regenerative action is now needed to create just climate solutions. This requires us to redefine our understanding of connection, to build new spaces founded from a point of central alignment, to enable collective change. 

This workshop looks to facilitate an open and collaborative approach to collective interdisciplinary action with a central brief which will be explored through practical, material-based prototyping.  

Do you want to approach climate transition from a new and open space? Do you want to connect with a network of change makers? Do you want to explore sustainable and regenerative materials of the future? Could you develop a viable concept for our future environment? 

We are looking for individuals and businesses interested in taking an experimental approach to the challenge of climate transition. If you work with materials in the built environment, research sustainable materiality across sectors, specify materials as part of the urban landscape or directly engage with materials as a core component of your artistic or creative practice, this workshop is for you!  

You will have the opportunity to spend three days learning and exploring the potential of materials in response to climate emergencies through rapid prototyping techniques. Learning from leading thinkers across design and architecture whilst getting hands on with experimental digital technologies.

Whether you are interested in biomaterials, 3D Printing, future scoping, sustainability or interdisciplinary collaboration, this workshop offers the potential to explore all through a collective learning experience; Building your network and your knowledge simultaneously with a focus on future local landscapes. 

To register for a fully funded place on this three-day workshop please respond to the below form with a short statement about yourself and your work and your intentions for wanting to join this workshop. 

Confirmed Facilitators:   


Kaitlin Ferguson  

Kaitlin Ferguson is an interdisciplinary artist, whose practice examines the environmental and social impacts of the Anthropocene; the current geological era of the planet, triggered by humankind’s footprint. She examines how technology can reconnect people with nature and offer up new ways of understanding the deep history of the planet, as well as its future. 


Blast Studio 

Blast Studio is a design studio founded in 2018 exploring how nature and technology can be put in dialogue to transform cities’ discarded material into artefacts and architecture. Inspired by nature we created a new ecosystem in the city, where we recycle urban waste into outstanding sustainable objects and furniture thanks to living organisms. 


Hosted by Sarah King 

Sarah is a Designer, Researcher, and Sustainability Coach who believes creativity is the catalyst for cultural change in response to the world’s environmental challenges. Her practice incorporates Circular Design principles and Bio-fabrication processes to create new material alternatives. She is a technical researcher at STEAMhouse, and the founder of Materials Club, and Earthli Projects. 


Who’s it for: