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Thursday 10 March 2022

14:00pm - 16:00pm

Online event

Ascribing Meaning to Products: Or What do Things Mean? – Thursday 10th March 2022: 14:00 – 16:00

Top Tips on Product Design for designers and non-designers

In this session, a team of industrial, product, furniture, interior and graphic designers share their knowledge and experience in the tricky field of shaping things.

In a fast-evolving world where everyone is becoming an ‘expert’, a designer and a consumer all at once, how do professional designers and entrepreneurs stand out of the crowd? What do we look for in products? Where do we start when trying to design something?

During the session, we will learn:

-How to read and ascribe meaning to products?

-How shared knowledge can inform product design?

-What software can be used for different purposes?

-What are the new alternatives to mainstream software?

-How to use social media for design purposes?

Our facilitators will give examples of how to set-up a design business in two years after completing their studies and talk about how this model can be applied across different industries.

About the Facilitators

Nuno Lourinho

Nuno is a Senior Lecturer and the MA course director for Product and Furniture Design at Birmingham City University and additionally, he is a STEAMhouse Academic Lead for the School of Architecture and Design. Nuno also coordinates external collaborations with industrial partners, as well as national and international brands that focus on future and sustainable innovation.

Marlon Malone

Marlon is a Graphic & Product Designer from Barbados. He has taught design for the Ministry of Education in Barbados for nearly 15 years. His graphic design work experience is based in design for international luxury brands. Product design has also been his passion and his current research involves an exploration of prosthetic design using low cost sustainable eco materials.

Christos Ververis

Christos is an Interior Architect and Furniture Designer and recently the co-founder of Koukos de Lab. His working experience is based on high-end residential Interior Design projects, and he recently founded a Design Laboratory with main focus on new sustainable materials and furniture design. One of his latest projects, Koukoutsi eco-material was exhibited in London Design Biennale 2021.