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October 18th 2022 - October 20th 2022


The Conference
The third International STEAM Conference takes place on 18th-20th October at STEAMhouse, Birmingham. For 2022 we are hosting three days. Each day is dedicated to exploring a different facet of STEAM.

What is STEAM?
STEAM is a concept of working that brings together the five core STEAM disciplines of Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics. It has been successfully applied in fields as diverse as manufacturing, healthcare, education, architecture and product development.

Day 1: Tuesday 18th October
STEAM in its International context
Day one of the Conference will feature keynote speakers from across the world sharing their thinking on STEAM approaches and how STEAM has been applied within their chosen specialisms and disciplines. There will also be chaired panel discussions and Q & A with speakers in which audience members will be encouraged to engage in discussions.

Day 2: Wednesday 19th October
STEAM applied to Innovation and Business
Day two of the Conference will explore how organisations are utilising the STEAM approach in practical terms to successfully underpin day-to-day business operations, strategy development and innovation. There will be workshops and case studies to illustrate the real-life application of STEAM.

Day 3: Thursday 20th October
STEAM in Academia and Research
Day three of the Conference will give a platform to our academic community of researchers and PhD students who will be sharing academic knowledge and insight on how ongoing development of the STEAM approach could be applied to wider global challenges.

Who should attend?
The International STEAM Conference is the must-attend event of 2022 for everyone interested in the application of inter-disciplinary thinking in their own fields, whether in business, innovation, the arts or academia.

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