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Thursday 16 May 2024

10:00am - 13:00pm

STEAMhouse, Belmont Works, Cardigan St, Birmingham B4 7RQ

RiVR presents VR technologies and their transformative impact across various industries.


Experience the Next Frontier in Business Transformation with VR: A Workshop by RiVR! Join us to discover how VR redefines training, onboarding, engagement, and knowledge retention, empowering businesses across diverse industries.


Who is RiVR?

RiVR is a leading provider of virtual reality solutions, helping businesses unlock new possibilities in training, engagement, and beyond.

They comprise a team of seasoned filmmakers, software developers, artists, and tech enthusiasts, delivering immersive storytelling and training in 360 video and photorealistic environments for global industries.

RiVR prioritizes enhancing learning experiences by integrating VR. They believe in learning through direct, sensory experiences, fostering critical thinking and memory recall.


What to expect?

In this session, we’ll dive into the exciting world of VR and its transformative impact on various industries. From understanding VR creation techniques to experiencing hands-on applications, you’ll discover how VR can revolutionize your business operations. Whether you’re curious about the future of VR or eager to explore its practical applications, this workshop is for you. Join us for an enlightening session filled with insights, practical demonstrations, and interactive discussions. Let’s redefine reality together!


🎉 Workshop Breakdown 🎉


👋 Introduction and Icebreaker (15 mins)

Welcome to an immersive journey! Break the ice and prepare for an enlightening exploration into the transformative power of VR.


🌐 Session 1: Unleashing VR Creation Techniques (30 mins)

Explore the dynamic world of VR creation! Differentiate between Room-scale VR and Video VR and unveil their applications. Dive into cutting-edge capturing technologies with an introduction to 360 cameras and 3D cameras. Master the art of Photogrammetry and capture real-world textures and details like never before.


🍵 Break (15 mins)

Network with fellow industry professionals and recharge over refreshments.


👐 Session 2: Hands-On Business Experiences (60 mins)

Engage in practical demonstrations to witness the tangible impact of VR on business. Learn DIY 3D Scanning with mobile applications and behold the potential with a 3D Printing Showcase featuring local town models. Discover immersive content creation with RiVR Link and delve into investigative training with RiVR Investigate, showcasing its application in forensic scenarios and virtual crime scene investigations.


🔍 Session 3: Navigating the VR Landscape (25 mins)

Dive deep into the VR ecosystem and its vast applications across gaming, education, enterprise, and beyond. Explore the future of VR, unveiling trends, challenges, and untapped opportunities. Engage in an Interactive Q&A, brainstorming VR project ideas and potential business applications.


👋 Closing Remarks (5 mins)

Conclude the workshop with invaluable insights and a vision for leveraging VR’s transformative potential in your business.


Don’t miss this exclusive opportunity to revolutionize your business with VR. Reserve your spot now and embark on a journey towards unparalleled business experiences with RiVR!



STEAMhouse Forward is fully-funded by the UK government through the UKSPF (UK Shared Prosperity Fund) supporting Birmingham & Solihull businesses to innovate, collaborate and grow.  The UK Shared Prosperity Fund is a central pillar of the UK government’s Levelling Up agenda and provides £2.6 billion of funding for local initiatives by March 2025. The Fund aims to improve pride in place and increase life chances across the UK investing in communities and place, supporting local business, and people and skills. For more information, visit Application forms are now open to all Birmingham and Solihull businesses to innovation, collaborate and grow via this link


Birmingham City University’s (BCU) STEAMhouse also proudly offers funded memberships to local digital SMEs through the Barclays Eagle Labs Ecosystem Partnership Programme called Digital Direction. This collaboration aims to fuel growth and innovation within the region for digital industry by providing exclusive access to resources, events, and mentoring opportunities.

Successful applicants gain entry to STEAMhouse’s Digital Labs, equipped with cutting-edge technology and business and industry mentors to facilitate hands-on experimentation and skill development. Supported by Barclays Eagle Labs, the Digital Direction initiative fosters a collaborative environment, driving digital innovation and creating valuable opportunities for local entrepreneurs and graduates. Find out about applying for Digital Direction via this link