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Wednesday 22 September 2021

18:00pm - 19:00pm

Online event

In our downtime we have undergone a slight rebrand. VR Birmingham is now BHXR. We have updates for you and some fantastic keynote speakers!

Keynote Speakers – 6-7pm

Toby Smith – Student / Gaming Developer

A freak injury that left Toby bed bound and bored gave birth to his interest in developing immersive gaming experiences and to learn the industry leading gaming production software Unity. Fast forward a few years later and Toby now has an impressive portfolio of games to showcase. Yet it doesn’t stop here, feeling uninspired and distracted during his revision sessions for his GCSEs Toby turned to the virtual world to bring energy and fun to an otherwise boring experience that is exam revision. Toby has now created a series of virtual worlds, each tied to a school subject that is home to revision notes, 3d sketches and mixed media items. These 3d worlds created in a free and easy to use app has enabled Toby to move from the paper textbook into the virtual metaverse.

Taran Singh – Taran3d

STEAMhouse member Taran Singh of Birmingham’s leading immersive tech production and training studio will be sharing his views on the future of XR education and training and the current skills gap our industry is experiencing.

Taran will also be discussing his new role as Head of Skills at HOST Salford in Manchester which is in relation to the opening of the UK’s first Unity Centre of Excellence.

He will also be discussing establishing the first Birmingham Unity User Group which will be launched on Thursday 7th October, 6-8pm at BOM (Birmingham Open Media.

Sonya Russell – MAC (Midlands Arts Centre)

Sonya will join to tell us how MAC are taking things to the next level with their mind-blowing line-up for the Little Geeks Festival 2021, including live shows, virtual reality, gaming and workshops for little (and big!) geeks.