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Wednesday 29 June 2022

14:00pm - 17:00pm

STEAMhouse, Belmont Works, Cardigan St, Birmingham B4 7RQ

Join us for an exploratory hands-on workshop, which will consider the possibilities of bamboo.

Imagine Bamboo is an ambitious public art project, led by outdoor arts specialists Imagineer, with independent artistic director Orit Azaz. Collaborating partners include Atelier One, ARUP, Bruntwood, Bamboo U (Bali), Ghana Bamboo Bikes and global bamboo experts including Hans Freiderich (former CEO International Bamboo & Rattan Network).

Imagine Bamboo convenes meeting points between Artists, designers, makers, engineers, environmentalists and communities from across the UK and internationally, to come together and explore the potential of UK grown bamboo - widely held to be the future, sustainable building material.

At STEAMhouse, join Rebbecca Rubens, founder & CEO, Rhizome (India), and her master craftsman, and Jane Hytch (CEO, Imagineer) in an exploratory hands-on workshop, which will consider the possibilities for this sustainable material, and its potential in design, building and application.

Rebecca will also share perspectives on sustainable economic models and their role in regenerative ecologies, considering the way interdisciplinary collaboration can innovate and meet the scale of climate challenge ahead.

Open to designers, makers, artists, engineers, architects and those interested in exploring climate justice in an innovative collaborative model.


About Rebecca Reubens (founder and CEO Rhizome)

Rebecca Reubens is an alumna of the National Institute of Fashion Technology, and the National Institute of Design (India) and Delft University of Technology (NL).

She currently practises at the intersection of craft, design and sustainability through her sustainability design studio, Rhizome. Recently, her work has included mainstreaming sustainability design and sustainable luxury, including through Rhizome’s work for Indian conglomerates such as the Godrej group, Good Earth and Nicobar and her studio brands which centre on fine crafted sustainable furniture (Rhizome) and holistically sustainable crafted jewellery (Baka).

She remains connected to academia by teaching at design institutions in India, including the Faculty of Design, CEPT University, Ahmedabad, where she is an adjunct professor . She also remains linked to academia by writing: she is the author of, "Bamboo: From Green Design to Sustainable Design" which was published by the Prince Claus Fund. She has worked extensively in the domain of bamboo around the world and an ambassador for the World Bamboo Organisation

The Imagine Bamboo Summit takes place across 1st - 4th July 2022, in the city centre Sunset Park (Ladywood) as part of the Birmingham Festival 2022, supported by British Council & West Midlands Combined University.