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Monday 8 November 2021

18:00pm - 19:30pm

Online event

Maker Monday is back with two leading experts from the worlds of e-textiles + circular fashion respectively: Becky Stewart + Marije de Roos,

Birmingham’s highly established Maker Monday returns on Monday 8th November with two expert figures from the worlds of e-textiles and circular fashion respectively, Becky Stewart and Marije de Roos.



Becky Stewart

@theleadingzero on Twitter and Instagram |

Becky Stewart is a lecturer in the Dyson School of Design Engineering at Imperial College London where she researches body-centric technologies centred around e-textiles and audio interfaces. Before returning to academia in 2015 she co-founded Codasign, an arts technology education company which led technology workshops with creative institutions. Throughout her career, she has been working to make technical topics like coding and electronics accessible to those trained in creative industries.

Talk: E-Textiles: More Than Sewing LEDs

Electronic textiles (e-textiles) hit the mainstream maker market over a decade ago with the release of the Lilypad Arduino. Since then specialist materials like conductive threads and fabrics have become much easier to buy and countless Maker Faires have been adorned with hand-sewn LED circuits. Moving beyond the popular introductory applications of e-textiles, this talk will cover some of what these materials can achieve in a university research setting – such as e-textile garments that can track body movements or even conversations – and also step through some practical advice on how to more expertly construct reliable e-textile circuits.


Marije de Roos

@positivefibers on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram|

Marije de Roos, AKA the Circular Fashion Detective, is the Founder & CEO of Positive Fibers.

Marije is a renegade economist who believes that circular fashion can be a catalyst for a global circular economy; a system of collective prosperity.Positive Fibers is a material-driven design startup on a mission to put the ECO into eCommerce 1 positive product at a time. To prove that Aesthetics can meet Ethics, the brand has recently launched the world’s first 100% compostable designer jacket. Made from flax, called The Flaxible™ Jacket. In essence, Positive Fibers is a luxury fashion brand that merges Science, Art, and Technology to create a circular fashion system.

Talk: Phygital Fashion in a circular economy

The fashion industry has a massive pollution problem. Circular Fashion is becoming a buzzword but actually is a complex area. Marije simplifies what circularity in fashion means and introduces the role technology plays in eliminating unnecessary waste in the design process. 3D design offers novel ways to create products digitally before touching a sewing machine. Positive Fibers is pioneering what is called “phygital fashion” aligned with closed-loop supply chains.

This talk is, in particular, relevant for aspiring digital fashion designers with an interest in sustainability.


About Maker Monday

Twitter @Maker_Monday; Insta: makermonday #MakerMonday.

Maker Monday is a highly established event based in Birmingham, UK and powered by STEAMhouse, a new centre for innovation and creation. Uniting talented people from different backgrounds in the arts, science, technology, engineering and maths – the STEAM sectors – to bring amazing new ideas to life.

For all queries regarding Maker Monday, please contact Maker Monday organiser- Tim Wilson – / @timmy666


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Created in partnership with Eastside Projects and funded by the European Regional Development Fund and Arts Council England, we’re driving innovation and research for major long-term growth across the region. Bringing inventors, entrepreneurs, businesses and craftspeople together to develop exciting new ideas and products.


Maker Monday will return

Our next event will be face-to-face on Monday 29th November in Birmingham. More details to follow.