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June 28th 2021 - June 29th 2021

17:30pm - 13:00pm

Online event

This is an online lab looking at how we can make the connected world useful. It will run online over one evening followed by one morning.

We live in a world dominated by connected technologies, so how can it be used to address challenges in health, mental health, waste or sustainability? Whilst there are some large-scale projects to address societal issues, we would like to see how we use technology at a more micro-level to manage these challenges.

The Specific Challenges For this STEAM Lab

Thanks to cheap computing we have seen a growth of technology and connected devices, but often, instead of solving problems they add complexity. Think of our smartphones – although they can be useful they also bombard us with notifications that create a constant low-level anxiety. Perhaps we can do things differently? How can we create more contextual objects that offer simplicity and real solutions to problems?

What is STEAM Lab online?

The STEAM Lab online will take place over one evening and one day in which we’ll spend our time thinking how we can address the challenges. It will take a collaborative approach in which participants will work in groups supported by facilitator and experts. At the end of the lab we hope to have some practical concepts that can be taken forward into prototypes.

Who is it for?

The Lab is aimed at both BCU students, staff, business owners and the wider West Midlands community. Your experience or skills are not important, the main criteria is that you have an interest, even a passion for the theme, and to be open to using technology to address them. In short, the lab is open to anyone who has an interest in solving problems.

Why take part?

• The STEAM Lab is a great forum in which to develop ideas working with experts and peers

• You will be able to work on a challenge area that can have a real impact on people

• You can bring existing concepts or develop ideas in your own studies, organisations or enterprise