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Thursday 6 October 2022

12:15pm - 14:30pm

STEAMhouse, Belmont Works, Cardigan St, Birmingham B4 7RQ

Sustainability and the Design of Physical Products: A Small Step Forward Agenda – Thursday 6th October t 12:15 – 2.30pm (Including Lunch and Networking)

In this session a team of designers and educators share their work experience in the field of sustainable design education and practice.

Focusing both on practical, theoretical and commercial case studies, the workshop aims to focus on how emerging or professional designers can contribute to foster change by incrementing local change and a small step agenda.

The workshop will cover:

1. How to promote local sustainable change through design practice and education?

2. How can academics and industry contribute to promote sustainable change?

3. How can workshop participants contribute to a sustainable agenda?

4. Case studies illustrating current sustainability-focused approaches utilised within design education and industry practice.

5. Q&A discussion for participants to share experiences of implementing sustainable practices within their field.

Who is this workshop for?

This workshop is for sole traders, small, medium and large business owners, academics and students, especially those exploring or working within product design but want to learn about the importance of sustainable design and maybe how they can put their own knowledge into practice. The facilitators will share information and case studies on the successful outcomes, along with vary challenges faced in trying to deliver various sustainable design agendas.

What will I get from the session?

This session will provide some useful insights and approaches that might be useful to explore or implement when thinking about your next business or assignment ideas.

Lunch and networking opportunities to discuss your curiosity/further ideas.

About the Speakers

Nuno Lourinho

Nuno is a Senior Lecturer and the MA course director for Product and Furniture Design at Birmingham City University and additionally, he is also STEAMhouse Academic Lead for the School of Architecture and Design. Nuno also coordinates external collaborations with industrial partners, as well as national and international brands that focus on future and sustainable innovation.

Emma Jones

Emma is a Product and Furniture Design lecturer at Birmingham City University. Her research and practice explore how design can evolve away from consumerism and overconsumption towards a more sustainable society. Emma’s current focus examines how the design of physical objects can support the ecological education of young people, utilising design methodology to develop creative and general curriculums through the design of ecologically educational resources, tools, and toys.

Dean Cain

Dean is a Visiting Lecturer within MA Product and Furniture Design and a proven Product Development designer with professional experience with companies such as Ikea UK retail, Ikea of Sweden and Ikea trading Asia Pacific. Also, the Kingfisher trading group developing range product for B&Q, Screwfix and all partners within Europe. Through this journey Sustainable product development has been at the forefront of his material and range development approach.