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Thursday 11 April 2019

3D Printing Expo at STEAMhouse

Thursday 11th April, 12.30-4pm

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STEAMhouse will be delivering an Expo on the latest trends in rapid prototyping for Businesses with a demonstration of the new Makerbot Method Performance 3D Printer organised by Les Sheppard from Planet 3D World. It’s the first demonstration of this model in Birmingham, so come and explore, play, and discuss the opportunities made available to you through new technology.

STEAMhouse will also be demonstrating their own resin printer, the Photocentric Liquid Crystal HR, a machine capable of producing accurate and fine details down to 50 microns. The printer offers a range of resins that have unique properties from flexible resin to daylight hard materials for all prototyping needs.

Take the opportunity to explore various types of MakerBot 3D Printers and Shining 3D Scanners amongst enthusiasts and beginners and get demonstrations of the technology in use with Les Sheppard, STEM Ambassador and owner of Planet 3D World, and our in-house team, Paul Found (Digital expert) and Christopher Hay (Metal expert).

We welcome you to pop in and see what all the fuss about 3D printing is about over food and drinks!

For more information on the makerbot: