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Saturday 13 April 2019

Creative Bureaucracy

Saturday 13 April, 11am–4pm 


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‘Creative bureaucrats can, as individuals, shape cities, but a critical mass can reshape the bureaucratic system itself. Organisations can then embody the values and qualities expressed by the best individuals.’

On behalf of Birmingham Partners we invite you to the start of the Creative Bureaucracy movement in the city – a movement which was launched in Europe and is now becoming global.

Charles Landry, who coined the term, will join us to talk about why Creative Bureaucracy is an idea whose time has come.

We welcome public administrators, members from the civic world, citizens and businesses, to join us to start it rolling in Birmingham.  We’re planning an upbeat day sharing examples, short and snappy, of how others have done things in new ways. We’ll have moderated panels discussing great ideas that somehow got lost on the way, as well as honouring some hidden heroes/heroines in the city.

Birmingham Partners is an association of groups and organisations connecting to help improve the city. Formed in 2014 they meet regularly and are open to anyone who wants to sign up to their aim – to connect for a better Birmingham.