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Thursday 8 April 2021

This Creative Engagement and Innovation (Business Ideas Creation) workshop will introduce you to a practical clear framework that uses a range of usable techniques to ensure that ideas can be turned into business reality.

Creativity and innovation is not a chance process, and neither is the generation of new business ideas. The course starts with an understanding of the nature of creative thinking. It is this understanding and structure that allows participants to learn quickly how to generate fresh ideas and then work with those ideas effectively.

It provides a really good overview of what to focus on and then prioritizing the actions to take. Participants will learn practical techniques to understand problems thoroughly, generate and develop new ideas and solutions, compare and evaluate solutions and then communicate those ideas effectively and create useable plans that help with the business planning process.

This collaborative session will support participants in:-

– recognising personal thinking styles and the style of others

-generating a greater number of innovative solutions

-accomplishing better business decisions

-thinking beyond the needs of the present moment

-developing an effective action plan for solving any problem

About the Speaker

Stephen Harris has supported over 500 start-ups since 1999. A Chartered Quality Professional and Chartered Occupational Psychologist, Stephen has a wide range of experience in business issues. He has a successful track record in designing, developing and facilitating training courses across business related fields having delivered measurable improvements to profitability and cost reduction in a wide range of organisations from SME’s to large Blue Chip organisations, with a keen understanding of the Key Financial and Quality Performance Indicators.

As Director of Quesst Ltd between 2000 and 2012 Stephen has worked with organisations such as Rolls Royce, The Open University, Smith & Nephew, City and Guilds, Jaguar, Land Rover, the Co-operative Group and Warwick University. Quesst Ltd was sold in January 2013 and currently Stephen now works with organisations such Innovation Birmingham as Entrepreneur in Residence supporting new businesses.