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Thursday 13 May 2021

This is the first of three workshops - we recommend that participants attend all three sessions.

Sessions 2 and 3 will take place on 15 June and 14 July - save the dates, more information to follow.

Led by the British Design Fund, this is the first of three workshops where you will learn how to fine-tune your proposition so that it can be easily understood and communicated.

Session 1

This session is designed to support you in developing or revisiting what your Value Proposition is so that you can profile your customers and their needs, strongly identify your unique selling point (USP), know what your competitors are up to and help to position your own proposition accordingly in terms of messaging and pricing.

Session 1 will cover a range of areas including:

– What makes your product or service attractive?

– Who, primarily, are your target customers?

– Defining your USP

– Developing your Value Proposition

Who should attend?

This workshop is suitable for SMEs, Sole Traders, Artists, Product Development Managers or anyone tasked with developing a product or identifying new product or service opportunities.

What skills will I takeaway?

– Know how to develop a strong Value Proposition

– Understand how your proposition can stand out in the market

– Be able to identify your USPs

– Know how to penetrate and grow your target market

Sessions 2 and 3 will take place on 15th June and 14th July (Save the dates – More information to follow)

About the Speaker

Damon Bonser is an Entrepreneur and investor with more than 15 years’ experience in the creative and manufacturing sectors with a track record across the consumer and industrial product sectors and within both direct-to-consumer and business-to-business channels. He specialised in launching start-ups and product brands into new markets with a strong background in bootstrapping early stage businesses through the concept and design stages to production, sales and marketing, ultimately leading to a positive exit event.