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Wednesday 26 June 2019

From Elevator Pitch to Signature Speech

Wednesday 26 June, 10am-1pm


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This programme consists of an interactive three hour, bespoke group session designed to craft and develop the most essential elements of speaking and presenting for you and your business. This session combines important theory with real time practice to build on delegate’s existing skills, confidence and competence. The training, most importantly focuses on immediately useful strategies and content, developed in the context of real and current communication issues.

You only ever need ONE presentation.

Here is the best news! We are going to spend the session working with together to craft the DNA of your ideal presentation structure. Your Crafted Signature Speech will be the core of every presentation you will ever have to give!

There will be no need for you to ‘re-invent the wheel’ every time you have to make a presentation. You will be able to easily click into your Crafted Signature Speech Structure. This will ensure that you can deliver a confident, authentic and effective presentation on every occasion.

Some Key learning outcomes:

  • How to structure a presentation or speaking opportunity, step-by-step, to GUARANTEE RESULTS! How to establish credibility with your audience
  • 6 key steps in Persuading and Influencing your audience
  • The TWO VITAL STEPS missing from most presentation models… and why you MUST use them!
  • How to BUILD RAPPORT with any AUDIENCE immediately and effortlessly
  • The ONE BIG MISTAKE that 94% of presenters are making that drastically reduces their ability to influence
  • The CYSS principles on using proven language to LEVERAGE THE IMPACT of your presentations! How to deliver that ‘killer pitch’, effortlessly time and again

What will I get from the workshop?

You’ll leave the workshop with your personal Crafted Signature Speech/Pitch – ready to start delivering professional and engaging presentations every time! If you really want to help yourself and improve the quality of your business communication, you absolutely must attend this course. This workshop will ensure that you become a confident and authentic public speaker, so that when you speak, your audience will listen and respond as you wish.

Who is this workshop for?

Entrepreneurs, sole traders and businesses who need to promote products and services, pitch ideas, or motivate teams or partners.

About the Speaker

Michael-Don ‘The Signature Speech Coach’ is a TedX speaker, award-winning trainer, business coach and entrepreneur with over 35 years of experience. A past Director at leading coaching and training organisation, Excellence in Resilience, where he was head of Marketing and Research & Development. He was also the CEO of Birmingham Association of Youth Clubs, a 115-year-old charity which supports youth organisations and youth clubs throughout the West Midlands in the UK.

He has a rare breadth of experience having worked in military, corporate, SME and 3rd Sector organisations, including coaching senior officers and executives from leading organisations including: Specsavers, The Man Group, Scottish & Southern Electricity, Birmingham City Council, The Metropolitan Police and Barclay’s Bank.

Michael-Don says ‘You are your message’ and if you or your company are not achieving the results you want, effectively and elegantly, it is often down to communication and presentation. Those he works with develop their communication skills to the highest level.


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