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Wednesday 13 January 2021


This event is for STEAMhouse members

STEAMhouse members are invited to join Anne De Charmant, Director and Curator at Meadow Arts for an informal conversation about her curatorial practice and how she works with artists.

Led by our Creative Director Ruth Claxton, this is the latest in a series of events designed to demystify the commissioning process and help artists understand how different curators and organisations work, and how projects and relationships with artists evolve.

This event is exclusively for STEAMHouse members – find out more about how to join  HERE

Anne is as European as they come – a French citizen, born in Geneva (Switzerland) of Hungarian and Italian parentage – but she has been living in the UK since 1991 and considers this country to be her home.  She arrived in the UK as an arts correspondent for various media and never went back.

She developed the concept for a new type of contemporary visual arts organisation when, having moved from London to the rural west of the West Midlands, she realised that the opportunities to engage with high quality contemporary visual arts in the region were very few. Her idea to offer both audiences and artists a new structure was realised when she founded Meadow Arts.

The concept of a non-venue-based organisation working with partners like heritage organisations, museums, libraries or other unusual venues across the region, still holds today. Apart from an existing audience that would be offered a new, high quality contemporary art experience, these partners and venues offered fascinating contexts for artists to work in.

Meadow Arts is now in its fourth round as an Arts Council England National Portfolio Organisation and employs five part-time staff. Anne curates most of Meadow Arts’ exhibitions and new commissions. Her favourite part of the job is bringing artists to site visits and watching the creative cogs start to turn…