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Wednesday 5 August 2020


We are delighted to announce the third of our monthly VR Birmingham events for anyone who is working in or interested in finding out more about virtual reality (VR) in Birmingham.

There are so many questions around VR, so we want to build a virtual community for supporting innovative users in Birmingham – so come along, meet some of the team and ask any questions at beginners or advance level.

We will also be sharing details about our upcoming programme of online events. After our speakers have presented their work, we will have the chance for a Q&A session, and if you want to continue the discussion further join us from 7.30 pm-8.30 pm in our Mozilla Hubs VR space!

STEAMhouse members who may be interested in developing their work through the Digital Engineering Technology & Innovation (DETI) programme are also invited along to hear more about digital enabling technologies and what STEAMhouse 1.5 can do for you.

Whether you’re an industry expert or a curious newbie, book your place to join our welcoming community today..

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Instagram: steamhouse_uk

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LinkedIn: STEAMhouse

Why come to this event?

To learn

Learn from the expertise of individuals in both arts and technology in a collaborative space environment.

To collaborate

Forge new collaborative partnerships – There’s also a chance to hear from our Maker Monday project leaders, who are open to collaboration opportunities. You may also be able to share project ideas of your own and get their input.

To network

Find new connections with other like-minded creative individuals, hear from special guests and how they are innovating.

Who should come along?

Coders & makers

Designers, artists & creatives


Data scientists