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Monday 26 March 2018

Join us for the March edition of Maker Monday at 1000trades in Birmingham, and we’ve got a real treat for you!

We’re doing something that many of you have asked for – this is your chance to make stuff!

Join the amazing Spencer Organ as we peak your curiosity for digital making and allow you to get hands-on, for example.

1. Simple GPIO traffic lights using PiTop 2

2. Neopixel rings using an Arduino micro controller (programmed from laptop / pitop)

3. Sense Hat (PiTop)

4. and maybe, make a quick wearable to take home with you.

Connect the wires, light the dots …. and let’s get properly blinky!!


Spencer is a champion of the digital making scene, a Physics and Computer Science teacher, Certified Raspberry Pi Educator with a passion for running workshops and building fun, educational and practical things with physical computing @makercupboard.

As always, we will keep the inspiration flowing with free drinks and food.

Places are limited and booking is essential.

@Maker_Monday #MakerMonday