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Monday 6 July 2020


About this Event

Join us for the latest lockdown edition of Maker Monday on Monday 6th July, our fortnightly slice of online inspiration from the creative and tech worlds

As always, we will keep the inspiration flowing with some shorter, impactful talks, lots of sharing, content and space for discussion.


Ben Neal (@psiconlab | @swoomptheeng)

Ben is a Creative Technologist and Digital Producer working freelance as Psicon Lab and is part of Swoomptheeng, a Birmingham-based art collective providing “Rave Craft, Zombie Bass and Ritualised Punk Technology.

The Daance Maast

Expect to entertained with The Daance Maast, a glowing, digital Maypole and sound system by brightly masked and mischievous art collective Swoomptheeng. Up to 8 participants write beats and loops together using unusual, handheld, wooden controllers to affect the position of sounds within a loop. Their personal choices lead to pleasing and less pleasing musical patterns in a kind of multiplayer game.

Tha Daance Maast was funded by Arts Council England.

Mood Pinball

Mood Pinball is a collaboration with Ben Neal, Edie Jo Murray and Harmeet Chagger-Khan.

Mood Pinball playfully reimagines how city-wide data might be used by an individual to find their comfort zones and improve their experience of a city. It invites us to travel through the dreamlike city-scape of neurodiverse artist Edie Jo Murray. The otherworldly qualities of her highly stylised graphics and rich saturated colours are based on her experience that autistic people can “feel like aliens”. The goal of Mood Pinball is to keep its Mood-o-Meter at ‘happy’, by responding to noise-level data revealed by gameplay. Mood Pinball acts as a reminder that citizens, as well as businesses, need to use information and data to better understand the world and improve people’s lives.

Mood Pinball is installed at the Copy That! Exhibition at the Open Data Institute.


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Maker Monday is co-run with Birmingham’s co-working and collaborative maker space, STEAMhouse.

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Why come to this event?

To learn

Learn from the expertise of individuals in both arts and technology in a collaborative space environment.

To collaborate

Forge new collaborative partnerships – There’s also a chance to hear from our Maker Monday project leaders, who are open to collaboration opportunities. You may also be able to share project ideas of your own and get their input.

To network

Find new connections with other like-minded creative individuals, hear from special guests and how they are innovating.

Who should come along?

Coders & makers

Designers, artists & creatives


Data scientists