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Monday 24 June 2019

Maker Monday: June 2019 Edition – Pop Up Escape Games and Re-Exploring Childhood Reinterpreted
Monday 24th June, 5.30-8pm
1000 trades, Jewellery Quarter

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Join us for the June 2019 edition of Maker Monday, our monthly slice of inspiration from the creative and tech worlds.

This month’s event brings together experts from the world of escape games and the artistic exploration of childhood.

John Sear ( a veteran game designer of 20+ years working in the game industry who now develops unique and magical experiences for public spaces. Originally starting out building games for console platforms, moving through mobile spaces he now develops games for cinemas, car-parks and other outdoor & indoor spaces. This had led him to work much closer with the GLAM (galleries, libraries archives & museums) sector. In addition to the bespoke high-end experiences for larger venues he also works with much smaller cultural institutes training them in the skills needed to develop their own interactives.”

John‘s two part talk will focus on the real-world game projects he has built over the last few years including [renga], SCOOT3 (future of Escape Games) and the currently on tour Urban Game where players are on a live stake-out in a car park ‘A Moment of Madness’.

In the second part, you will have the opportunity to get hands-on with a pop-up escape game that can be played on a table top.


Jonny Briggs ( is a internationally renowned photographer specialising in childhood, in particular looking at childhood from an adult or parental perspective, bringing together works which challenge what is real, staged, performative or cartoonesque. Jonny will take us through his work, looks back at his younger self and attempts to re-capture childhood through his assuming adult eyes exploring a number of themes including fairytale, physcoanalysis, masks and the double.


As always, we will keep the inspiration flowing (the first drink is on us) and food.

Places are limited and will go fast and booking is essential.

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