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Monday 26 October 2020

Our special guest is Ian Andrews who is an artist and educator who will showcase his cross-disciplinary and “creative curiosity” to work.

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Join us for the latest online edition of Maker Monday on Monday 26th October, our fortnightly slice of online inspiration from the creative and tech worlds.

As always, we will keep the inspiration flowing with some shorter, impactful talks, lots of sharing, content and space for discussion.

Our special guest is renowned artist and educator Ian Andrews showcasing his cross-disciplinary approach to his work and his passion for ‘creative curiosity’. He will showcase his project and collaboration with Prof Kostas Nikolopoulos of the particle physics group from the University of Birmingham, The Sketchbook and the Collider.


Ian Andrews (@IanAndrewsArt)

Ian Andrews MA RCA is an artist and educator with a diverse practice involving painting, drawing, sculpture and film. As an educator he is committed to cross-disciplinary approaches and the development of “creative curiosity” regardless of subject. Artistically consistent themes involve the primacy of drawing and the importance of “networks structures” in a variety of contexts, whether neuronal networks that create thoughts in the brain, or the quantum “spin” networks of subatomic particles. 

The Sketchbook and the Collider

In 2018, Ian was an artist in residence at the University of Birmingham and this saw the start of a life changing collaboration with Prof Kostas Nikolopoulos of the particle physics group from the University of Birmingham. The residency culminated in the exhibition “The sketchbook and the Collider“ at the university’s Rotunda space and continued, joining with dancer-choreographer Mairi Pardalaki for “The Particle Event’ at mac Birmingham. 

In 2019 the exhibition “Collision Event” at the Library of Birmingham’s third floor gallery also offered educational workshops, presentations and professional practice for teachers on cross-disciplinary collaborations due to the generous support of Arts Council England and the Institute of Physics.

Ian’s work comprises three main elements: 

– the search for an intimate connection between the visual language of drawing and elemental particle characteristics and interactions. 

– the use of moving image to explore the “choreography” of particles as they transform, annihilate and decay and the development of performative pieces that involve “live” drawing 

– the participation and “interaction” of members of the public. 

The project has included the development of a series of workshops for primary, secondary and adult groups exploring the links between fine art and particle physics and attempting to visualise quantum phenomena.


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