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Monday 15 March 2021


We’re delighted to be joined by Andrew Newman from the legendary Ars Electronica to talk about the festival and a number of projects.

Join us for the latest Online Edition of Maker Monday on Monday 15th March, our fortnightly slice of online inspiration from the creative and tech worlds.

Ars Electronica is a festival for Art, Technology and Society in Linz, Austria that was established in 1979. Ars Electronica’s philosophy has remained the same over the years. Our activities are always guided by the question of what new technologies mean for our lives. Together with artists, scientists, developers, designers, entrepreneurs and activists, we shed light on current developments in our digital society and speculate about their manifestations in the future. We never ask what technology can or will be able to do, but always what it should do for us. And we don’t try to adapt to technology, but we want the development of technology to be oriented towards us. Therefore, our artistic research always focuses on ourselves, our needs, our desires, our feelings.

Andrew Newman is a producer for the European Platform for Digital Humanism at Ars Electronica in Linz and is focused on fostering cultures of transdisciplinary innovation. He is responsible for projects aimed at bringing artists and scientists together (STUDIOTOPIA) and creating STEAM learning experiences (Open Science HubCreative School and STEAM INC). He co-founded the Research Institute for Arts and Technology in Vienna where he focused on integrating artistic research methodologies into blockchain and open hardware research and development. His background is in knowledge production in outsider epistemic cultures. He is a former editor of the journal Runway Australian Experimental Arts and a founding editor of the Journal for Research Cultures.

Image Credits

The Transparency of Randomness / Mathias Gartner (AT), Vera Tolazzi (AT) – Credit:

Prima Materia / NOHlab (TR) – credit: Ars Electronica / Robert Bauernhansl

Impression of create your world 2020 – Credit:


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