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Monday 26 April 2021


We welcome the fab Luke Tonge, co-director of Birmingham Design who are responsible for Birmingham Design Festival + Glug Birmingham.

Join us for the latest Online Edition of Maker Monday on Monday 26th April, our fortnightly slice of online inspiration from the creative and tech worlds.

Our speaker will be the amazing Luke Tonge.

Luke Tonge is a graphic designer, lecturer, and events wrangler in Birmingham. He specialises in identity & editorial work for brands, agencies and charities. As an introvert he finds it ironic to now spend most of his time on some sort of stage. He’s a visiting lecturer at Birmingham City University and co-director of Birmingham Design, the organisation responsible for the Birmingham Design Festival & Glug Birmingham.

Luke will talk about the importance of building community, and how he is trying to do that with Birmingham Design. He will talk about the origins of the Birmingham Design Festival, touch on other events they run and share some opinions on motivations and the importance of values.

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		Maker Monday 26/04/21 with Luke Tonge, Birmingham Design. image

		Maker Monday 26/04/21 with Luke Tonge, Birmingham Design. image

		Maker Monday 26/04/21 with Luke Tonge, Birmingham Design. image