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Wednesday 10 April 2019

Making Materials: Zoe Powell, Materiom

Wednesday 10 April, 6-8pm


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Imagine if all our materials were nutrients. If there was no waste, but rather that our plastics and composites nourished living systems.

Materiom is an open platform that lets anyone contribute, use or adapt recipes for materials that learn from nature’s techniques for sourcing, building and breaking down the ingredients that make them up. Their mission is to enable everyone, everywhere to participate in the next generation of materials.

Multi-disciplinary Designer-Maker and materials researcher Zoë Powell joins us to talk about materials that are regenerative by design and how designers, scientists, entrepreneurs, artists and citizens can use their open platform to work collectively on some of the greatest material challenges in the circular economy.

This event is part of a series of events programmed with Maker Assembly which explore a range of themes that take making in new directions.

Our Speaker

Zoë Powell is a multi-disciplinary Designer-Maker, materials researcher and workshop facilitator.

Since 2008, she has been working on commissions and projects internationally for a variety of industries including art, fashion and interiors. Focused on textiles and biomaterials her work is centred around creatively using resources, circular design strategies and production techniques both digital & hand crafted.

Materiom is an open platform for materials experimentation and development. Working at the intersection of design, material science and ecology, the Materiom platform and its multidisciplinary community are using open source data and technology, to unlock a 21st century, circular materials economy that is regenerative by design.

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