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Thursday 20 June – Friday 21 June 2019

This is a STEAMhouse initiative in partnership with West Midlands Combined Authority and a Climate Change Solutions Ltd collaboration.

When: Thurs 20th June, 9-6pm and Fri 21st June, 9.30-5pm

Where: Curzon building and STEAMhouse

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We are facing a local and global emergency from generating toxic pollution of our cities, towns and communities while adding to climate change, both caused by burning fossil fuels i.e. coal, gas and oil. This calls for a clean air revolution- Mayor Andy Street (19 June 2018).

The urgent challenge is to address its impact while prioritising understanding for implementing common solutions i.e. clean energy with innovative clean, green smart technologies and transport.

Complementing this is the imperative for energy, water and other material resource efficiency that can reduce 25% consumption, saving money and creating new local business and jobs, including addressing fuel poverty.

This conference and STEAMlab seeks to bring together a range of key public, private and third sector stakeholders with knowledge and commitment to collaborate for accelerating wider public understanding and engagement in delivering solutions, benefiting  health and sustainability for all our region.

The West Midlands Mayor’s Clean-Green Future Challenge will address the increasing amount of issues related to local atmospheric and global greenhouse pollution providing workshop opportunity to share and define  ground-breaking initiatives. See below….

This event is also part of Digital Leaders Week – The most inspirational week in the Digital Transformation calendar. Digital Leaders Week celebrates, showcases, shares and inspires the best of UK digital transformation across the public, private and nonprofit sectors. Find out more here –

Powering West Midlands Growth A Regional Approach to Clean Energy Innovation, commissioned report by Andy Street, Mayor of the West Midlands

The Conference day will include the talks from keynote speakers and the STEAMlab is where we get hacking and tackle the challenge!

We highly recommend registering for the ‘Conference and STEAMlab’ ticket.

What is a STEAMlab?

A STEAMlab is a hack-style event in which we bring individuals and companies together to collaborate and work together to find creative solutions to a real problem faced by another business. Exploring the areas from the conference day will be the focus in this STEAMlab.

Why? We believe that by working with peers from different industries, with different skillsets, we will be able to combine our knowledge and expertise to develop a solution to the problem – or as the old saying goes “two heads are better than one.”

STEAMlabs are a high-energy, creative and collaborative event, with the opportunity for new solutions to be fast-tracked and/or funded for the next stage of development!

Join us on the quest for better air. Book your place now.

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Day 1, Conference agenda:

08.30 Registration

09.20 – 11.00 Plenary Session 1

Chair, Prof. Michaela Kendall, CEO & Co-Founder, Adelan Limited

Prof Julian Beer, Deputy Vice-Chancellor Research, Innovation and Enterprise, Birmingham City University

Andy Street, West Midlands Mayor

Polly Billington, Director UK 100 Cities Network (100% zero carbon by 2050)

Jane Simpson, Head of Asset Creation Severn Trent Water Plc

Andrew Donald, Distributed Energy Manager, Centrica Business Solutions

11.30 -13.00 Plenary Session 2

Chair: Cllr Liza Trickett, Birmingham City Council

Sandeep Shingadia, Director of Development and Delivery Transport for West Midlands

Tom Bradley, External Affairs Manager Cadent Gas Ltd

Susan Juned, Director Heart of England Community Energy Ltd

David Terry, Tyseley Energy Park and Birmingham Energy Institute

13.45 to 17.00 Breakout /World café

Theme 1 – 2030 Clean Energy Leadership Challenge

Ways to generating greater public, private and community sector leadership to produce 50% clean energy by 2030 in the region, replacing the £10 billion currently spent importing mainly carbon based power, gas and transport fuel. This can both save money, create new jobs, skills business, research and development for our clean, green growth future.

Theme 2 – 2030 Low Carbon Buildings Challenge

How to accelerate retrofitting our built environment, business, public sector and homes, particularly people in fuel poverty, between 25- 50% by 2030 and towards zero carbon for new.

Theme 3 – 2030 Clean Transport Systems Challenge

To address the paradigm shift to clean fuel technology for all transport, cars, Lorries, busses, trains and planes with electric, hydrogen/fuel cells and hybrid alternatives. Fossil fuel based petrol and diesel transport is causing premature deaths with toxic pollution while damaging all public health, particularly the young, and adding 20% to global warming.

Theme 4 – 2030 Behavioural Change Challenge

Creating a popular public awareness and engagement campaign for behavioural change. This includes producing a road show poster exhibition highlighting the local and global emergency from local atmospheric pollution and adding to global warming both from burning fossil fuels. To combine this with showcasing the range of solution and what people can do about making a difference. This needs to be complimented with the creative use of social media.

15.30 Tea break and network

16.00 Report back from breakout – round up of discussions and potential actions

16.30 Mark Wood Explorer, North-South Pole solar expedition highlighting climate change impact

17.00 End /networking

Day two – Build on your ideas and learning by working in teams to create practical solutions to the challenges discovered at the conference. Collaborate with people from various sectors and pitch your solution to make a real change.

Join us on the quest for better air. Book your place now.