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Thursday 4 June 2020


Tap into academic knowledge to help you innovate your business.

Ever considered how academic research could enhance your business or practice?

Discover your future collaborators to stay ahead of the industry curve. In this session a selection of expert academic coordinators will introduce themselves, their backgrounds, and their research/practice interests. This will be a valuable opportunity to start to get to know the team and think about who you may be interested in working with in the future!

Our experts include:

Dr Poppy Wilde, Lecturer in Media and Communication at Birmingham City University. Poppy recently co-authored the new BA Immersive Media due to launch in 2021. Her area of expertise is in digital cultures, and her research interests are primarily based within digital media and games studies. She has a particular focus on embodied and affective experiences through immersive and interactive media. She is also experienced in teaching social media practices, debates and issues, and has a background in performance studies.

Robin Kay, Lecturer in Media and Communication with a specialism in New Media at Birmingham City University. Recently, Robin co-authored the new BA Immersive Media due to launch in 2021. His areas of expertise are web design/interactive media and visual communication with a focus on the practical creation of these digital mediums. He has a particular interest in the use of immersive media in storytelling and user experiences and is currently exploring the creation of augmented reality artefacts.

Alessandro Columbano, Senior Lecturer at the Birmingham School of Architecture & Design as Deputy Course Director for the MArch programme. Alessandro is also enterprise/innovation coordinator for the school and also co-founder for the Collaborative Laboratory (Co.LAB) – an interdisciplinary design & research initiative within the school to engage staff, students and industry in collective project across the city.

Adam Paigge, Senior Immersive Technician at STEAMhouse. Adam has recently joined STEAMhouse from his own company developing the space industry in the UK and enabling human spaceflight. At STEAMhouse, he’s here to build out our new Virtual/Augmented/Mixed reality lab to help develop Birmingham as a cutting edge Immersive technology hub.

Andrew Walsh, Module Leader, Mental Health Learning Course. Before coming to BCU Andrew completed 25 years in NHS mental health care including acute mental health care and the mental health of older people. Andrew is supervisor/second supervisor for three PhD students studying healthcare related topics. Within STEAMhouse Andrew is developing a project to investigate the use of facial recognition technology in health care training.


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Why come to this event?

To learn

Learn from the expertise of individuals in Extended Realities and Immersive Media in a welcoming, collaborative environment.

To collaborate

Forge new collaborative partnerships –  You may also be able to share project ideas of your own and get new input.

To network

Find new connections with other like-minded creative individuals, hear from special guests and how they are innovating.

Who should come along?

Coders & makers

Designers, artists & creatives


Data scientists

Anyone curious about learning more about VR