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Tuesday 3 November 2020


Interested in VR? Not really sure how to start, or what is possible? Join us for a workshop with Artist Lee Mason aka @metageistVR

Lee Mason joins us to talk through his journey into Virtual Reality and his experiences working with this new technology. Having used VR in a number of different ways he’ll talk about exploring VR’s creative and therapeutic potential with different communities as well as his experience of selling VR sculptures to collectors around the world via the exciting new world of Crypto Art. This session will include a brief overview of how to get involved and start selling artworks in this way.

Our Guest

After 20 years as a self-taught freelance graphic designer and digital artist working on commissions and community projects Lee has now found a wealth of opportunity at the crossroads of VR art programs and a blossoming new art market made possible by blockchain technology. He sells rare digital sculptures to collectors via auction in virtual reality galleries and feels like this is just the beginning of a renaissance for digital art. 

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Digital Creatives