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Wednesday 5 August 2020


Wednesday 5th August – 10:00 – 12:00

This creative pricing course uses a practical framework that includes a range of clearly introduced and usable techniques to ensure that ideas can be made realistic. Drawing from the best principles of a creative problem-solving approach combined with sound financial principles this course recognizes that ‘Setting your Price’ is not a chance process.

It includes an understanding of your value proposition together with an ability to think outside of the box to prioritise which actions to take. This course will enable you to set the optimum price to ensure that your business is doing more than just covering its costs!

The programme considers financial Information and decision making relevant to the Value Proposition Cost, Profit and Volume is analysed graphically by the facilitator to answer the most difficult question:  How you put a price on what you do?

Summary of learning outcomes:

By the end of the session, delegates should be able to:

  1. Make decisions related to delegates current business.
  1. Develop a picture of the enterprise and categorise decisions.
  1. Identify types of information needed to set prices.
  1. Understand Cost Profit and Volume Analysis – and the importance of knowing the breakeven levels of sales.
  1. Use Pricing Strategies – Cost Plus, Pricing to the Market or profit Optimisation.
  2. Incorporate Covid impact and Pricing for Passion – Sustainability.

Target Audience:

Business owners and sole traders, and people engaged in Business Development in creative enterprises

Why should you attend?

You will leave the workshop understanding the best way for you to put a price on what you do to create a sustainable and valuable enterprise based on your own objectives.

About the Speaker

Stephen Harris, Director of Quesst Ltd, a training and development company incorporated in 1992 and sold in 2012, Stephen is a results and performance focused people development specialist who has achieved major impact and change in assignments and roles over a sustained period.

A Business Psychologist, Chartered Quality Professional, Management Accountant, and qualified Business Coach, Stephen is in demand in the UK as a speaker on entrepreneurship with a proven track record with Boards, Senior Executives and New Business Start-ups both internationally and in the UK.

Graduate Qualifications in Quality Management. He is a member of The British Psychological Society and a Chartered member of the Institute of Quality Assurance. Stephen is also a Licenciate of the City and Guilds Institute and holds a Cert Ed gained at Oxford.



A 2 hour workshop broken into three sessions with two 10 minute breaks.

Why come to this event?

To learn

Learn from the expertise of individuals in both arts and technology in a collaborative space environment.

To collaborate

Forge new collaborative partnerships – There’s also a chance to hear from our Maker Monday project leaders, who are open to collaboration opportunities. You may also be able to share project ideas of your own and get their input.

To network

Find new connections with other like-minded creative individuals, hear from special guests and how they are innovating.

Who should come along?

Coders & makers

Designers, artists & creatives


Data scientists