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Wednesday 9 October 2019

Ontente – 2019. Storytelling for Change

Wednesday 9 October, 9.30am-2.30pm

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Is there something in your world that you would like to change?

Are you struggling to address it?

Perhaps you’ve had some success developing a new skill or prototyping a product?

You already have one of the best tools in the box — humans are storytellers by nature. So why not sharpen it to carve out your inner hero and tell the story of your business or product in a more engaging way?

Led by script developer Jaemes Gregory and producer Matt Johnson, this interactive workshop will introduce you to new ways of understanding the challenges you face.

You’ll work and network together, learning about proven plots to communicate to audiences in powerful ways.

You’ll take photos, write short texts, review each other’s work and discuss how to make it more professional.

This session is designed for people interested in exploring a different way of talking about their work. You’ll leave with tools to make you the best storyteller for yourself or your company – and a draft of a first digital chapter.

Interested? We expect this event to be popular so we invite you to express your interest by booking a free ticket. We will then contact you to confirm those allocated a place.

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Contented is a communication company that for the last ten years has been running training sessions across the Uk & Europe.

This project is supported by the National Lottery Community Fund, Contented Ltd and STEAMhouse

This program is open to all but is especially relevant to freelancers, SMEs, entrepreneurs and those interested in UN Sustainability Goals.