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Monday 19 April – Monday 26 April 2021


Workshop Dates:

Monday 12 April, 2–4pm
Monday 19 April, 2–4pm
Monday 26 April, 2–4pm

What is it?
This STEAM Lab is a series of online workshops designed to help participants generate innovative new ideas for projects, products and services using associative thinking techniques.

What happens
Across three relaxed, informal two-hour workshops you’ll collaborate with other participants on all sorts of associative thinking exercises. It’s an exploratory process that begins with nothing, then draws from nature, society and beyond to make unfamiliar connections and uneasy alliances to form new ideas, objects, and strategies. You’ll be invited to work individually as well as form groups. The aim of this STEAM Lab is to inspire new ways of working and to equip you with tools and methods that can be applied to your own work.

The workshops will be hosted by our Head of New Product Development, Patrick Bek, and Service Designer and Artist, Laura De Burca.

Who’s it for?
The Associative Thinking STEAM Lab is for those who are interested in exploring alternative strategies for idea generation. The workshops are delivered in a series which means each subsequent workshop is informed by the previous one, therefore participants are encouraged to attend every workshop to make the most of the process.

What will I get out of it?
This STEAM Lab will equip you with techniques and tools for idea generation that you can use in your own work, as well as help you adopt the mindset of an associative thinker.

What’s Associative Thinking?
Simply put, it’s the ability to form associations between seemingly unrelated ideas.

What’s a STEAM Lab?
STEAM Labs are highly experimental collaborative workshops where guest contributors guide participants through a process that impels them to think about the development of projects, products, and services in completely new ways. Each STEAM Lab is different but every one is underpinned by five guiding principles: conversation, exploration, collaboration, openness and newness. Read about our collaborative workshops here.

How to participate

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