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Tuesday 5 February 2019

Come along and make a game! Board game, card game or physical game – whatever you like. Make something that advances your practice, helps your business, or simply something interesting and fun.

When: 5 February, 9-5pm

Where: Games@STEAMhouse room, STEAMhouse

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What is a game jam?

Game jams are about making games, but also about experimenting and trying out ideas around a theme, which will be announced on the day. Make something small, and set a goal that seems achievable. You can work in any medium you like, and what you end up with doesn’t even have to be a game (it sometimes just works out that way). So try something new, and see where it takes you. There will a prize for the best output.


Who can participate?

This game jam is open to everyone. From artists to developers, from policy makers to engineers, many people can benefit from working with and making games, and thinking through how their ideas might work in the space of play. Game jams are about working with others to share skills and ideas.


Why is it non-digital?

Although a lot of STEAM activity focuses on digital work, working in a digital medium can create a lot of barriers to entry, particularly when we’re talking about games. With a non-digital jam, you don’t need coders or apps to make jamming possible. And if your usual area is digital, take this opportunity to try out a paper prototype. Working with traditional materials frees you from many digital constraints, and can enhance creativity. You can make and change things quickly and easily.