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Thursday 11 February 2021


Time to Boost Your Website – Thursday 11th, 18th & 25th February 2020 – 10-1pm

Part of a three-series workshop and participants must be available for all three sessions.

So, you want to build and establish a web presence and don’t know where to start, or you have a web presence and it is not having the ‘impact’ as you thought it might. If any of the questions apply to you, or you are curious about building a web presence then this series of workshops is for you. Over the course of three sessions, you will learn the importance of User Experience (UX) and how it relates to the repeated web site visits and usage. How visual communication principles apply to user interfaces to create an emotion with your website user and how to use Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) techniques to improve your search engine rankings and identifying drag and drop/automated website creation tools that are on the market and identifying their strengths and limitations.

Who should attend?

The workshops are suitable for SMEs, Sole Traders, Artists, Product Development Managers or anyone tasked with developing a product or identifying new product or service opportunities.

Session 1 – Friday 12th February – User Experience

In this workshop, we will explore what is user experience and how it impacts website usage and encourages repeated visits and engagement. We will examine techniques for identifying your audience and discuss how meeting their needs is central to the website’s existence and purpose.

Session 2- Friday 19th February – Content and Design

We will explore visual communication principles and how they play their part in building an emotional connection with the user. We will explore the use of colour, wording, and imagery to tell stories and encourage user engagement.

Session 3 – Friday 26th February – Search Engine Optimisation and Automated Web Platforms

The objective of this final workshop is conveying the importance of content and webpage structure when authoring websites, how this impacts search engine rankings and exploring a selection of automated web creation platforms.

Finally, we will critically assess the strengths and limitations of market-leading web platforms and identify how choosing the right platform for your site’s creation and launch affects its maintenance and user engagement.

To apply to take part please email the following information to by Monday 8th February. Please write “Improve Web presence” in the subject header.

1. A short expression of interest explaining why you want to take part in the workshop and how you think it will benefit your business. We are looking for participants who have a clear sense of how they might apply the knowledge they will gain to the development of new projects, products or services.

2. If you are not already a STEAMhouse member, please introduce yourself and let us know what you do. Please also let us know where you are based and confirm whether you are self-employed or have your own business.

About the Speaker

Robin is a Lecturer in Media and Communication with a New Media specialism. He has a background within the music industry having worked for several notable record labels and industry organisations including: Ministry of Sound Recordings, Defected Records, Sanctuary Records and PRS. He has extensive experience within education and teaches creative and digital media subjects focused around web authoring, visual communication and immersive media. With an interest in interactive and immersive media, he is currently working on several projects involving emerging and innovative technology within an educational context. Robin is currently working with BCU’s STEAMhouse as an Academic Coordinator to support their immersive media provision and is engaged with the Reality Enhanced Augmented Learning Faculty Learning Community (REAL FLC) situated in the Faculty of Health, Education and Life Sciences.