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Wednesday 24 March 2021

Join us for the latest edition of VR Birmingham with our Host, Taran Singh from Taran3D and guest speakers, Stuart Lane and Sami Cornick of Round Midnight Ltd. Round Midnight Ltd have recently created Virtual_Decisions, a groundbreaking VR in Education program used as an early intervention tool to reduce gang violence and criminal exploitation amongst at-risk young people. The “choose your own path” VR format explores critical decision-making processes in a safe environment.

Our Speakers

Round Midnight Ltd is a Birmingham based theatre in education company interested in tackling challenging subjects within personal, social, and health education. They have recently begun combining VR, powerful script-writing and VR180 cameras as a way of making the real world VR experience more authentic, and helping young people with their decision-making. Their VR approach has been well-received by other industries because of its ability to be reactive to changing times. Stuart and Sami will provide some useful tips and take us through their engagement with young people, how they developed the project and discuss what the response using VR has produced.