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Wednesday 16 December 2020


VR Birmingham: December Edition – Wednesday 16th December 2020 – 18:00- 19:30pm

Join us for the December Edition of VR Birmingham where STEAMhouse provides insight into the latest development in this new technology and will demonstrate how you can explore using immersive technology within your individual projects.

Join us for discussions, regardless of whether you are a complete beginner or have years of experience in AR/VR as it’s an opportunity to share and learn about the creative opportunities AR/VR technologies present.

This month, we are joined by guest speaker Andrew Leeke, Senior Creative from Metro Boulot Dodo (MBD).

About the speaker

Andrew Leeke has been working in the arts for over 15 years, primarily focused on digital technology, but with a basis in traditional art forms. He has worked in animation, film, theatre, large scale projection for events and is attracted to projects that require unconventional ways of thinking and working to achieve the desired results.

He joined MBD in 2017 where he has continued to use all of these skills, and now works extensively in virtual reality using game engines and 360 video. He is responsible for developing the visual style of each project, and how this relates to the narrative being told. In summer 2020 he took part in Epic Games’ Unreal Virtual Production Fellowship programme, and is now putting these new skills to use on future MBD projects. 

November’s event was fantastic, but don’t take our word for it, take Claire’s:

See you there on 16th December – book your place now!