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Tuesday 20 October 2020

About this Event

As part of DigiCities with BBC Academy, STEAMhouse provides insight into the latest development in this new technology.

Whilst we are all still grappling with the idea of online meetings and working remotely in our work and home life, the technology behind these developments continues to develop at a rapid pace.  

This STEAMhouse session takes a look at the latest developments in contextualising an industry update in terms of creatives, educational institutions and service providers and what is possible with the new platforms that have come out of Facebook and in industry over the past year. The team will discuss how it’s being applied and demonstrate how STEAMhouse has been applying this with their community including insight into their newly developed XR box. Join us for discussion and an opportunity to share and learn what are the creative opportunities AR/VR technologies present? 

Speaker: Adam Paigge, VR Technician at STEAMhouse.