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Tuesday 18 June 2019

What every entrepreneur needs to know about IP

18 June – 10am-1pm

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This seminar consists of a 3 hour interactive session to get into the detail of Intellectual Property. Every business should have something that sets you apart and creates some level of protection from the competition.However, Intellectual Property is often presented in by the professionals rather than from the entrepreneur’s perspective …. Not this session!


Let’s take a look at IP from the entrepreneurs, innovators, artists – what do you need to know to use this important asset and wealth creator?

This session is produced by Assim Ishaque, an entrepreneur, inventor with patents, design patents, design rights, trademarks, and copyrights in the UK and overseas.

He will be explaining how he created his IP portfolio and used them to get funding, build businesses and create value. You will also get to hear about some of his early mistakes with IP and how to avoid some of the pitfalls.

Most importantly, you get to use ask those questions that matter to you and relate to your business around this important subject.

The goal of this seminar is to give you the information, insight and confidence to accelerate you through building your intellectual property journey, save you lots of time and help you make lots more money from your assets.

Below are some of the key lessons which will be covered:-

  • Why you need to have IP
  • The different types of Intellectual Property
  • DIY Intellectual Property – what can you do on your own
  • When you need to protect your Intellectual Property
  • How do you value IP within your business?
  • Your IP evaluation: what you have, what you want, what you need
  • Prices, fees and charges in IP
  • Getting IP overseas

Who should attend:

Inventors, entrepreneurs and businesses owners

About our speaker

Assim Ishaque started his career with HSBC after graduating with a degree in Accounting & Finance and went on to a career in sales in FMCG and Telecoms before establishing his own company 17 years ago. From here, Assim has created an energy and sustainability consultancy for corporate and government clients. This lead to multimillion euro fundraising projects for cleantech entrepreneurs in Europe.

He invented two patented products that raised over £1million of funding, took them through the commercialisation process and kept 100% of the equity. He is supporting commercialisation across Birmingham City University.