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Creatives, entrepreneurs, growing and established businesses engaged in digital building


Accelerated digital research and development


Flexible depending on your needs


Flexible depending on your needs

Build your digital business at STEAMhouse

The STEAMhouse Digital Labs have been created to help you explore, build and test your digital product and service ideas. Play around and experiment with the latest tech to accelerate your innovation and growth.

Explore the art of the possible with new and emerging digital technology, and discover how to leverage it in your own work. Build your ideas with support from digital experts actively working in industry with the latest technology. Run professional standard usability tests and get guidance to aid your product development.



Explore the Digital Labs through video

Get ready to be inspired! Hear from changemakers and innovators in the digital world about how the STEAMhouse Digital Labs is changing the West Midlands digital landscape.

Digital development is tough, don’t go it alone

What makes our Digital Labs so unique is the opportunity to work alongside like-minded peers and access the skills and expertise of an associate network of industry insiders who can support your development.

Whether you need software development expertise, research advice, or support with understanding digital IP – we’ve partnered with practitioners across the UK who are on hand to get you building and speed up development.


Create Lab

Want to try out new kit and equipment before having to invest, or just need to access a bunch of VR headsets for the day? Our 90m² specialist technology lab is designed to demystify digital innovation through hands-on experiences with the latest kit, strategic development workshops, digital skills training, and community events.

  • Create showcase experiences with a 9m laser projector
  • Activate hybrid events with full audio-visual conferencing
  • Build your community with video podcasting facilities
  • Experiment with VR/AR, 3D scanning, motion capture, and user testing kits
  • Record events with multi-camera setups and high-fidelity audio



Growth Lab

Sign up as a Workspace Member and relocate to our 26-desk space for start-ups and SMEs engaged in digital research and development. Workspace Members located in the Growth Lab receive business support, expert mentoring, access to specialist digital equipment, and use of our Create Lab.


Arup SoundLab®

An advanced acoustic hub, in collaboration with Arup, specialising in Ambisonics audio simulation. Explore immersive sound design, receive expert support, and utilise cutting-edge audio technology for stunning immersive audio-visual simulation.

  • Precision audio-visual simulations under laboratory-grade conditions, delivering meticulous feedback to listeners.
  • Dedicated time in the lab with support and guidance for strategic planning, design, and execution of simulations in collaboration with our experienced team.


Immerse yourself in advanced audio simulation

Virtually elevate acoustic designs and transport yourself and your clients to new audio environments, whether simulated or real.

A melting pot of creativity, ingenuity and intention

Angus Deuchars, Associate at Arup

Bringing all these different people together all in one place, really does fastrack any project or idea that you have

Rob Eadon, Consultant at Arup

Launch of the Digital Labs on West Midlands today

STEAMhouse were delighted to welcome the BBC West Midlands TV crew in to celebrate and promote the launch of the STEAMhouse Digital Labs.

Watch the coverage of our exciting new Digital Labs launch here.

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Think you’ll want regular access to the Digital Labs? Every workpace at STEAMhouse is accessible through our Membership options. We’ve got memberships that suit whatever you’re in need of, whether it’s access to 3D printers and digital innovation tools, or a more permanent workspace for you and your growing team.

Every membership includes all the business essentials you need as well as wrap around business support, mentoring and a calendar of community events.

If you’re interested in using the Digital Labs on a one off basis, use the form below and we’d be happy to discuss wat we can achieve together.

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By submitting this form you agree to Birmingham City University contacting you about STEAMhouse and handling your information as outlined in our Privacy Policy and Terms & Conditions.