Imogen Embroidery Art

Imogen graduated from Kingston University in Fine Art & Art History in 2013, and after taking a few years out to focus on working with young people, has recently returned to exploring her art practice. Imogen has always enjoyed hand-embroidery as a way to relax but after getting some recognition, decided to pursue threadwork seriously and so set up Imogen Embroidery Art.

Imogen’s practice combines thread with other materials, like ink, nails and wire mesh, to challenge the idea that thread is a material typically associated with craft and the domestic. Imogen hopes that her use of thread transfers her embroidery from a craft into fine art.

Imogen’s work often depicts portraits of people – it is as if she draws her subjects with a needle and thread. Imogen creates mesh-like forms out of triangles to build up her subjects' features and create depth to the image. Despite her experimentation with materials, the thread and the triangle feature in every piece she makes.

Within STEAMhouse Imogen aims to continue experimenting with new material combinations and push her portraits from 2D pieces, into a 3D space. In doing so, Imogen hopes to create a portfolio of work in a style that is distinctive to her and appeals to a wide audience. Alongside this Imogen hopes to use other areas of support which will enable her to run her art practice as a profitable business.

Tusheeta Davis

Tusheeta David is an award-winning jewellery designer, who grew up in India. After a successful career in India as a fine jewellery designer for a leading Indian company, she moved to UK where she set up her own label after completing her MA in jewellery and silversmithing from Birmingham's School of Jewellery.

She is passionate about the recycling of plastic and uses recycled acrylic sheets to create contemporary acrylic jewellery using modern laser technology. Her work is very colourful and is inspired by microscopic images from nature. She has exhibited her work internationally in various fairs and galleries including the Origin Fair in London, New York Gift Fair in New York and the Electrum Gallery in London.

Besides developing her jewellery, Tusheeta has been a visiting lecturer at the school of jewellery. She has also freelanced for Swarovski and Corel Draw among other companies. One of the most exciting projects she has worked for has been designing jewellery for a bollywood film which then went on to be nominated for an Oscar.

At Steamhouse she is developing her work to include bright printed patterns. The availability of laser cutters, printers and jewellery benches has enabled her to bring out the best in her ability to develop her designs.

Tom Straw

My name is Tom Straw and I am a freelance illustrator based in Birmingham. I specialise in editorial and conceptual illustration, in particular my work covers themes such as politics, science and technology. My visual language relies on a use of 3D modelling software to produce grainy, textured illustrations for use in print media. My recent clients include; The Guardian, Big Issue and WIRED.

Through STEAMhouse I aim to push my illustrative process in new directions with the experimentation of incorporating 3D scanning into my technical process. As well as exploring how digital 3D scenes can be captured in 2D print design. While building my business as a freelance illustrator and designer.

Saranjit Birdi

Saranjit Birdi is a contemporary multimedia and visual artist with a primary interest in drawing and performance. His practice covers a wide range of work from architecture, public sculpture, gallery installation and performance. He also enjoys engaging with the public through his art- this could be through arts in health projects with people with physical impairment, school workshops and public events.

At Steamhouse, Saranjit has been developing wearable sculpture to enhance and develope drawing performance works and, in the process, look at creating new tools for his disability and drawing workshops.

Stirchley Art Room CIC

Stirchley Art Room is not a place (at least not yet!), but an idea.

We want to provide all members of our local community with positive and enjoyable experiences with making art, through drop-in workshops, taught courses and other events.

Our long term aim is to establish an inclusive community art room for Stirchley and the surrounding areas, with spaces and equipment for drop-in use, and an education program to support personal and collective creative development, health and well-being. We envisage a vibrant and welcoming creative hub that connects artists and community together.

​We are a not for profit Social Enterprise, constituted as a Community Interest Company (CIC) in April 2019.

At Steamhouse we are working to develop a ‘sustainable through enterprise’ business model and to develop our knowledge and skills in working with different materials, processes, tools & machinery in order to develop new participatory artworks.

Maral Mamaghanizadeh

I am an Iranian artist and gained an MA in Jewellery and Silversmithing from the School of Jewellery, Birmingham City University. I explore the barriers I encounter in everyday life, being both Deaf and a refugee. I communicate through my artworks, combining feminism and cultural politics. I'm researching combining different materials with hair and I hope can develop and achieve my aim and meet other artists to collaborate with.

Karoline Rerrie

I am a freelance illustrator and printmaker based in Birmingham. My work is characterised by bold outlines, bright colours and pattern so it is particularly suited to screen printing. I draw artwork by hand and then screen print it onto paper in small limited editions. Alongside creating and selling my own prints I work on commissions and licensing projects. I also run screen printing workshops for children, young people and adults.

Through STEAMhouse I want to develop my skills in repeat pattern design and create designs suitable for licensing. I also want to improve my fabric printing skills so I can screen print repeat patterns onto textiles and prototype a range of new products.

Sahjan Kooner

Hello, I’m Sahjan and I will be using STEAMhouse to develop and test out a new series of films exploring violence, memory and trauma in the South Indian diaspora, utilising virtual reality technology, video game architecture and film.
You will find me 3d printing fragments, these printed fragments are props for a series of films I’m working on.  There will be two different sequences of 3D printed architectural fragments of buildings in India, the first sequence are buildings I have documented and visited, the second series are ‘fictional’ buildings made from oral testimonies from first generation immigrants from India.

Larissa Shaw

I am an artist, freelance gallery technician and lecturer. I am currently exploring interactive technologies at STEAMhouse, and hoping to learn more about casting soft materials like silicone foams.

Salma Zulfiqar

My name is Salma Zulfiqar and I am an award-winning international artist and peace activist. I am the founder of The Migration Project, which consists of art installations and ARTconnects workshops. This project promotes social cohesion and peace in communities at a time when hate is spreading across the world and empowers women through creative expression.

My artwork shows the challenges migrant women face with integration in the UK as well as their ambitions. Art installations include "Building Peace Through the Oceans" which show the positive contribution migrants have made around the world and "The Migration Blanket" which shows refugee's personal experiences, struggles, strengths, hopes and dreams. It also aims to educate the public on migrant journeys. Other works are "Routes to Peace" and a film entitled, "We Are Searching for Life - REFUGEES".

Facilitating these kinds of creative activities helps participants change their own perceptions, increase their self-confidence and express themselves through a different medium of communication. The Migration Project aims to bring people closer together by creating a better understanding of cultures through art and forms part of the project's educational aim to promote understanding between refugee/migrant and host communities.

hair popp

hair popp is a movement.

A central hub for hair enthusiasts, influencers and independent brand-owners alike, hair popp serves to bridge the gap, connecting consumers to the brands and retailers that are catered for us, created by us. We believe in celebrating our hair in all its glory, regardless of curl type and texture. Long or short, coily or curly - healthy hair is our priority. And we intend to share this passion with you.

We seek to connect with black-owned hair care brands that enable women (and men) to take ownership of hair health.

Faye Claridge

I explore representation and belonging with socially engaged artworks around ideas about group, national and personal identity. Recently I’ve made work with female prisoners, linking their experiences with museum archives, and engaged children in reinterpreting a National Trust property and collection.

I was shortlisted for The John Ruskin Prize 2019, was selected for New Contemporaries 2018 and produced commissions for the National Trust (Dudmaston) 2019 and Ripon Museums in 2020. I’ve exhibited widely, for example with the Arts Council Collection, at the Photographers’ Gallery, at South London Gallery and at Compton Verney. I was shortlisted for the Helen Chadwick Fellowship with the British School in Rome and my first London solo show was awarded Time Out Exhibition of the Week. I was Artist In Residence at the University of Birmingham 2016-17 and a participant in Syllabus II.

At STEAMhouse I’m testing and developing ideas, using metal printing and shaping techniques for the first time, and have created a collaboration with a reproduction costume maker to construct unique ‘wearable artworks’ for photographic portraits.

Ceridwen Raynor

I'm a fine art photographer who loves to blend texture and colour, adapting or replacing elements using Photoshop. My images often draw from fairy tales, history, myth and fantasy providing an escape from day to day reality. With help from STEAMhouse, I'm going to be developing some new mixed media work.

Ben Fearnhead

I'm a professional freelance photographer based in Birmingham and specialise in producing interior and architectural images for the property sector. I want to tap into my creative side and produce artworks inspired by and incorporating my architectural images.

Samiir Saunders

I am an artist, poet and filmmaker based in Erdington, north Birmingham. My work encompasses drawing, experimental poetry, and internet artworks; and explores the ambiguity of language and identity, through abstraction and fragmentation. I am fascinated by the information which is lost when a process repeats, or an idea is taken out of context.

I am working towards the development of a browser-based artwork titled "random/access". The piece is a procedurally generated, branching-narrative, spoken-word hyperpoem which aims to highlight the paradoxical lack of autonomy experienced whilst navigating online spaces which have been curated by designers with biases and agendas. The poem incorporates elements of games design, spoken-word, and hip-hop inspired sampling and remixing. The audience/player is forced to question to what extent their choices are consequential within the paradigm of this author mediated digital environment.

Dale Hipkiss

Dale Hipkiss is an artist living and working in Birmingham. He is one half of the visual arts duo Hipkiss and Graney which is based in Stirchley, south Birmingham.

Hipkiss and graneys practice explores ideas around collectivity, community and counter movements through socially engaged workshops, large-scale interactive installations and performative outputs.

Their performances discuss political and environmental issues, often involving magic realism and fictional organisations.

Nuala Clooney

My practice is concerned with ideas of embodiment, desire and identity. This is explored via a negotiation of inside and outside articulated through ideas of ingestion and modes of cooking and eating. Modifying cutlery and other eating artefacts though making casts of my own body-such as the inside of my mouth, or adding bodily elements such as teeth, the work looks to explore the space of becoming that rests between disgust and delight. I work with a variety of materials, such as found objects and edible materials its presentation ranges from object, video and performance.

I am using STEAMhouse to prototype new, performative and sculptural objects using technology to play with scale and display. I will test new work and experiment with new materials.

Иo-Mad Unlimited

I am a Nomad, I am an Artepreneur.
I am just a World Citizen, as You are.

Иo-Mad is the brand of the modern life.
We bring a traditional material like leather to the next step, ready for the modern day traveller's life.
This is the connection behind the Brand: Иo-Mad is the meeting point of different arts, the connection between ancient and modern, the evolution of an ecological-economy thought, using durable, eternal materials to provide long lasting products and offering full customisation to create the bond between the person and the leather travel companion.

Evolution is the enduring condition of things over time.
Time is writing the story of the owner on leather.
The rest of the story is Art.


We are an innovative 3D design studio that visualises objects and spaces using the latest immersive technologies for touch screens, VR headsets and mobiles. We can also 3D model, sculpt digitally and 3D print your ideas.

My name is Taran Singh and for the last 15 years, I have been working as an interactive 3D visualiser, creating immersive content using game engines for the architectural and engineering industry in the UK. Alongside my primarily work I have been digitally sculpting and 3D printing my own range of small figurative objects designed around Eastern/Asian Philosophy and iconography. I am also involved in the Anglo-Sikh Virtual Museum heritage project which seeks to digitise lost or inaccessible museum artefacts so they can be experienced in immersive 3D.

Sean O’Keeffe

I'm an artist with a background in drawing, printmaking and music. I make optical-sound works - digital animations and live audio-visual performances, often working in collaboration with other musicians, artists and programmers, in an attempt to create sensate environments and experiences.

As Giant Axe Field, I have devised and presented a series of semi-improvised performances, built around audio-visual, moving image ‘collages’, where sampled cinematic fragments, including image, dialogue, ambient sound and existing score are interwoven with, composed and improvised sound, and manipulated, triggered and edited live using drums, bass, guitar and VJ software.

Via the Open route at Steamhouse I am attempting to prototype a portable, self-assembly, flexible projection screen/surface/sculpture that can be reconfigured and adapted for use in different AV performances in a range of presentation contexts.

General Public

We are using STEAMhouse to develop various aspects of The Pomology Project, a contemporary art project that explores & celebrates contemporary UK diversity (in particular racial & well-being/disability) through reimagining British orchard traditions & customs in an urban context. Specifically we are working on the following:  

‘The Cherry Minder’ (an old orchard practice that involves preventing birds from eating all the cherries before harvest time using ‘instruments’ made from recycled materials) - creating a new pedal-powered sound sculpture. The Cherry Minder has been built by Sam Underwood (also registered at STEAMhouse) in collaboration with General Public.

Urban Mummers Plays: we have experimented with silk screen processes and design/image making for costumes. We have also produced a number of pop-up props (including a cardboard soundsystem) that were used at  Simmerdown Festival.

Apple Store Display: Creating a flexible, easy to transport modular display system to showcase apples at a number of 'Apple day' events as part of the project. 

New Wassail Performance: Testing UV reflecting inks for a nighttime performance at Winterbourne House, UoB as part of year of the mind.

General Public is the collaborative platform of artists Elizabeth Rowe and Chris Poolman. Broadly speaking, they devise large scale public art projects that incorporate elements of fiction, myth-making, local history re-invention and heritage rebooting.  

Tracey Thorne

My work focuses on documenting and sharing stories that explore the ephemeral founded in the streets and urban landscapes. I have a particular interest in photographing graffiti, sign-painting and street art.

My current work is an evolving project documenting the visual landscape in Jamaica through graffiti, signs and street art called 'Hand-painted Jamaica'. I am focusing my work at STEAMhouse on experimenting with using different printing processes to with a plan to exhibit this work in 2020. The other project that I am working on is closer to home and involves developing a set of silkscreen prints of Birmingham Ghost Signs for an exhibition during Birmingham Heritage week in September.

I also run Ghost Streets CIC a community arts-based project in Birmingham.

Joyce Treasure

I am expanding existing practice and building on current methodology and process, combining academia, research and art, and drawing on the historical, cultural and social, and maybe political, sometimes working onto existing objects of cultural significance.

I’m interested in learning new sublimation skills and digital fabrication - CNC and laser cutting. My aim would be to work towards a commission for Bruntwood which needs to be completed by 2020.

Jennine Parker

For over 22 years I have worked for marketing and design agencies as a Graphic Designer, in parallel I have been creating sculpture collections and building up my artwork portfolio to exhibit in galleries. This has resulted in supplying my work to Art Publishing Companies and they are currently showcasing my sculptures all over the country.

Over fifteen years ago I set up my own Graphic Design business enabling me to manage my time to emphasise more on my sculpture and art. I currently supply my sculpture work in wax and clay to a publishing company, a mold is made, and the work is then produced in bronze through the lost wax process.

Within STEAMhouse I would like to develop my ideas working in different materials and produce a collection of work incorporating digital elements. I would also like to develop a range of art to sit with my sculptures in 2D and 3D. I also want to weld larger armature to sculpt on.

I am keen to work with and around other creatives, net working with like-minded people.

Carolyn Morton

I'm an artist and maker exploring transformation through the process of making; transforming materials, experiences and place. My studio is a space for reflective thinking and making, my participatory work is about connecting and sharing. They are fed by and feed into each other with an overlap in co-created work.

My focus is to improve individual, community and environmental well-being through creative activity and social connection to realise our potential and individual agency. Dialogue whilst making with our hands becomes expansive, open to exchange and new ideas. Making with our hands to make sense of our lives.

At STEAMhouse I am transforming an ex-postal bicycle into a mobile production and display space, to meet and make in green spaces around the city. I'm also developing botanical inks, dyes and print processes.

Bryn Hallett

I am interested in design at all scales and the relationships between disciplines. I aim to develop my understanding of design, craft and fabrication through experimentation with various techniques from traditional hand crafts to digital design and manufacture. I believe that a broad understanding of materials and processes benefits the outcome, whether it is development and fabrication of a product, creation of a sculpture or design of a building.

Melissa Morris

I am a classically trained freelance pianist and am co-director of Room Art, curating exhibitions, commissioning new works, collaborating across the arts to create events. I play for and co-lead workshops with Birmingham Opera Company, Welsh National Opera, whilst teaching privately and creating my own works in collaboration with Vanhulle Dance Theatre and electronic musicians and producers EIF.

I am passionate about collaboration, inspiring creativity and education.
My work at STEAMhouse is to develop my brand of educational products to support music education.

Sean Millington

I work with my partner on a project called Bad-et which is a multidisciplinary project encompassing art, design and bathing. Developing new works and collaborations through research into saunas and bathing cultures around the world.

Through researching different cultures, typologies and traditions of saunas, along with their social, political and cultural impact, we’re interested in how this communal site can operate as a non-exclusive bathing facility, as collaboration and as contemporary art.

At Steamhouse I will be prototyping a contemporary Ofuro which is a traditional Japanese soaking tub

Place Prospectors CIC

I am an artist who works with place and I direct a CIC - Place Prospectors that works with communities undergoing change. At STEAMhouse we are working with the community in Druids Heath to develop a Druids Heath product prototype, with marketing and business advice. The idea is that proceeds from this product would be reinvested in community enterprise in Druids Heath.
Through a process of survey, exhibition and analysis we have come up with 'The Lean' a support that enables social interaction and reflects the communities nurturing.


Hello, my name is John Bell. I am a theatre designer/maker who had diversified into all kinds of 3D design. At STEAMhouse I am designing a range of jewellery based on Brutalist and Modernist architecture, which I have been researching and campaigning to preserve in Birmingham. The jewellery will celebrate the architecture and translate forms, motifs and geometry into wearable form.

Claire Leggett

Hi, I'm Claire a colour, pattern and print loving painter and designer.
I'm a Painter, Printer, Stitcher, exhibiting my art and I am currently Artist in Residence at University of Birmingham Winterbourne House and Gardens.
I regularly deliver Textile based workshops as an Artist Tutor at MAC Birmingham.
I freelance as a Surface Pattern Designer selling pattern designs into the industry.
And I facilitate creative opportunities for all ages in the Midlands through leading workshops in organisations such as Birmingham Museums and Art Gallery; Mothership Projects, MAC Birmingham, Winterbourne House and Gardens and local art groups.

At STEAMhouse I have been reacquainting myself with processes I have not used since college, such as the photographic exposure unit, in order to screen print my own designs. I have discovered the possibilities of the Sublimation printer to bring designs into production and heat-pressed and constructed a kimono of my own pattern design for a recent exhibition at MAC Birmingham. I am developing techniques using resin as a way of framing paintings and experimenting with the laser cutter to cut fabric and acetate for print stencils.

Ceramicsx Ltd

I am a Designer Maker working with CNC machining and ceramics.

My background is in Graphic Design and am interested in craft and technology and am currently exploring real-time sculpting in immersive VR.

I make objet d'art bone china vessels and have designed a modular tile system which comprises regular or infinitely tessellating geometric patterns.

Works are held in private collections and in the public collection at the Potteries Museum in Stoke-on-Trent.

At STEAMhouse I am prototyping a number of new digitally fabricated ceramic designs.


MakerLabs creates inspiring courses and projects for budding makers.

A qualified teacher for over 14 years, James Hannam has been designing courses to get people excited about STEM/STEAM subjects.

MakerLabs offers consultancy projects. Currently working with Apple, Google, the DfE, BBC and GiffGaff to name a few.

In the workshop at the moment, MakerLabs is developing; sustainable IoT watering kits for budding growers, low cost self assembly bat detector kits, IoT proof of concept devices, and MakerBoxes - monthly subscription boxes for adults to get into making!

Sarah Taylor Silverwood

I am an artist who works with drawing. Everything I makes is an exploration in the craft of the hand-drawn, often using drawing as a way to tell stories and collaborate with people. My work has included publications, animations and ceramics.

Recent projects include Daphne at The New Art Gallery Walsall (solo show, 2019), Crowd Show at NN Contemporary (2018), Multistory (2018 commission), the British Consulate in Chicago, USA (2014) and The University of Birmingham (2013).

I'm using STEAMhouse to test new work and experiment with new materials and scale.

Iris Bertz Ltd

I am the Director of my Company. My main work is making projects happen for others - I organise, co-ordinate, interpret, translate and evaluate. I have a maker and fine art background and STEAMhouse got me back to making.

I am trying to develop wrist supports that look great and do the job they need to do.

Creature Encounter Ltd

We are business partners Michael Crouch and Jamie Duncombe, as children in the 1980's, we grew up in the golden age of practical effects. It was an appreciation of this rich history of monster making and creature effects, imprinted on us in childhood, that led us to one another as adults and has since become our livelihood.

Creature Encounter is a puppetry and special effects company specializing in the fabrication of practical character effects for live events. Located in an old Victorian Pen Factory within the historic Jewellery Quarter we have been trading for over a decade. Through a network of agents and our talented performance crews, we deliver our characters into festivals and communities across the Uk and beyond. In addition, we also create bespoke characters for outside clients.

We are excited to develop our digital production capacity at Steamhouse, streamlining our current processes to improve efficiency. Let the 3d printing begin!

We started thatsshowbusiness because we believe that the birth of social technologies marks a significant moment in history.

We love creativity and entertainment and we’ve spent many years in the business. During our journey we witnessed the work of so many great creatives getting lost. So we decided to do something about it. We don’t want you to give up, that just won’t do. As fellow creatives we are on a mission to help bring creativity and entertainment to the forefront, and our new hub is the perfect tool to do that.

Everyone has their own reasons for wanting to change the future, ours is to move creativity into this new world of user participation. The world is in the middle of a creative revolution and we want to give power back to the creatives.

Join us. Let us give you the power of a fast, powerful, easy-to-use social network. Let us get your creativity, your work and your passions to a wider audience.

Zephlinear by FOYSE

We are working to pioneer an award-winning novel fabric surface and production process called FOYSE. Zephlinear, nicknamed 'Space Cloth', is the first fabric surface manufactured using this new process and is the first alternative to knit and weave materials. An advancement of the non-woven fabric surface Zephlinear is the only fabric structure with space to encase objects for fashion and function.

This next generation fabric has a strong potential for use as a smart and intelligent textile due to the linear structure that provides channels in which objects can be embedded. We are working with STEAMhouse to develop tools to aid the manufacturing process of FOYSE fabrics with a vision to invent a fully automated machine.

Imergo Ltd

Our design-led approach to providing products and services helps people and their enterprises uncover insights so that they can improve and learn. We achieve positive and sustained change by connecting people…with knowledge, with ideas and with each other.

At Imergo, we passionately believe that our approach helps organisations to make better business decisions, to create more value and to run more effectively. We think there’s a more creative, compelling and sustainable way to support and enhance the existing methods; one that engages the heart as much as it does the head.

Our involvement with STEAMhouse is in exploring more engaging materials and products for business management based on the ideas and principles of storytelling in business and on collaborative tools for people to meet, share, learn and improve.

Clare Hewitt

Clare Hewitt is a photographer based in Birmingham. After completing a degree in Law, she went on to study Commercial Photography at the Arts University Bournemouth.

Clare’s work in progress, Kamera, which she is developing at STEAMhouse, began in 2015 when she started writing to a man she calls Duke, a prisoner on death row in America. With each letter she sends a landscape photograph that she makes during long, meditative walks. They become part of Duke’s cell, and he responds with his own letters and drawings. The work is a layered study of acceptance, and an attempt to personally understand the potential for extreme darkness and light in human character.

In 2011 Clare’s work was selected for Fresh Faced and Wild Eyed at The Photographers’ Gallery, and has since been exhibited at the National Portrait Gallery as part of the Taylor Wessing Portrait Prize, 2013. In 2016 and 2017 she was included in the Magenta Foundation’s Flash Forward emerging photographer selection, and the British Journal of Photography’s nationwide Portrait of Britain exhibition. Clare has recently been shortlisted for the Royal Photographic Society’s International Photography Exhibition #161. She is the recipient of the GRAIN Bursary Award 2019, which is also developing at STEAMhouse.

Clare's clients include Oxfam, Guardian Weekend Magazine, Save the Children, New Statesman, The Independent Magazine, BBC Radio 4, and Apollo.

She is a Visiting Tutor in Photography at BCU.

Claire Cotterill Mosaics

I'm an artist/maker living in Moseley, Birmingham. The emphasis of my practice over the last 25 years has been creating access to creative opportunities for people of all ages and abilities. I've worked to commission in educational, community, public, corporate and private environments, resulting in permanent, interior and exterior installations. On my last project I stepped out of my comfort zone and created large scale artworks using water jet cut aluminium and digital mosaics, drawing inspiration from the site's local heritage and people. This experience of working with digital and new technologies lead me to the Open Route at STEAMhouse. As a maker, I'm excited about exploring how my practice translates to digital and I'm looking forward to how this may evolve. At this initial stage of my membership I'm learning about moulds and casting and the use of bio-materials and creating 'art panels' and exploring the use of smart technologies within this. I'm also looking forward to learning more about 3D design software and how I can incorporate this within my practice. I'm keen to collaborate with other members with similar aims.

Staying Alive UK Ltd


I’m a Dutchman and I’m passionate about storytelling. No! I don’t have jokes up my sleeves, tell children’s stories and I’m not even a published author. I don’t even like novels.

I produce bespoke and visually impactful cartoons and animation campaigns, engaging audiences and giving them a unique insight into an organisation's story and value proposition. I am now also delivering the 'Share Your Story' -Storytelling Workshops in Birmingham on a monthly basis.

I also host my own podcast called ‘Share Your Story’, I’m a volunteer with Crisis UK in Birmingham, the homelessness charity and I’m a student of Yoga, Mindfulness Meditation, Taiko Drumming and Minimalism. Just my way of developing a more meaningful life.

I became a member at STEAMhouse because I need support with making my vision of using 'Augmented Reality' to make 'Storytelling' come alive in the physical space around us.

Thank you so much.


Our mission is to bring technology into Painting and Decorating.
We are developing a suite of products to make painting faster, smarter and safer.
Our first product is a Wall Climbing Painting Robot, perfect for large exterior jobs, including brickwork. FASTER. SMARTER. SAFER.

Ryan Kearney

I am an independent writer and curator based between London and Birmingham. My on-going research centres on participatory and socially engaged curatorial practices, as well as how the displaying of queer archival histories can facilitate communal and intergenerational discussions.

My writing has appeared in this is tomorrow and In the Pink, a publication launched by Grand Union and SHOUT Festival in November 2018. Recent projects include 'The Club’s Conception (or How the Egg Was Cracked)', Recent Activity (2019); 'Three Models for Change', STRYX (2018); 'Rainbow Flag / Trojan Horse: Ian Giles', Recent Activity (2018); and 'Queering the Archive', Recent Activity (2017). I assist in delivering the public programme of Recent Activity.

At STEAMHouse, I worked with Intervention Architecture on 'The Club’s Conception (or How the Egg Was Cracked)', an exhibition at Recent Activity which looked to retrace the past venues of Birmingham’s longest-running queer space, The Nightingale Club. In collaboration with those who attended its three preceding venues, Intervention Architecture and I mapped these spaces from recollections, replacing absent photographs while positioning personal and collective narratives within archival significance.

Helen Vallance

Hi I am Helen Vallance. I am a designer maker of leather bags and accessories, based in Birmingham. I am currently inspired by Japanese wabi-sabi concepts, 1940’s and 1950’s feminine detailing and modern geometric designs.
Each product I produce is handcrafted with attention to detail, some are limited editions and some are one of a kind. The leather and fabric linings are personally sourced, showing my love of pastels and bold colours and retro inspired prints.

At STEAMhouse I have been designing and screen printing my own designs on to leather. I have experimented with metallic inks and also heat set vinyl and foil prints. I am currently developing products using the printed leather within bags, pouches and jewellery.

Carla Busuttil

While I have created and collaborated on works in multiple mediums my practice is centered around a core focus on painting. My work deals with historical figures, the shadows and spectres of colonialism and wealth inequality. I am particularly interested in notions of private versus public space, mapping and illustrating these often competing worlds. With each series of works that I make, I like to establish a particular theme that runs through the work. Currently, I am developing a new series of works that centre on the figure of the public, or private, school boy in various painterly compositions. I like how the focus and repetition of this stereotyped figure enables an accessible exploration into ideas around a specific social structure as well as various political ideologies. The recurring figure also enables me to have space to play with formal aspects of painting.

In collaboration with the STEAMhouse team I am creating a series of editioned silkscreen prints which will complement and support my artistic practice.

Thomas Truax

I’m a touring singer/songwriter and recording artist. In addition to traditional instruments like guitar, I build and perform with my own unique instruments and mechanical ‘bandmates’, which often utilize recycled objects and materials. I also have a history as a stop-frame animator for shows like ‘Celebrity Death Match’ and ‘Robot Chicken’.

At STEAMhouse I am happy to have the opportunity to continue my ongoing pursuit of a harmonious relationship between man, machine, nature, and play. My main project is a new motorized music box/machine that will expand on some of my earlier work.

Jodie Wingham

I am an artist who works within the field of printmaking.
My practice often combines printmaking with non traditional methods of display to create artworks that playfully distort images, where these images are turned into sculptural forms. Inspired by the act of observing others and the audiences’ enjoyment of this process I focus on the viewers desire to look and gain information, often using imagery with voyeuristic tendencies.

I am at STEAMhouse to create new work for a solo show at OUTPOST Gallery in Norwich, specifically looking at working with plaster to create sculptural prints.

Susie Chillcott

Susie Chillcott is an instrument maker whose primary focus is acoustic guitars. She trained as a luthier at Newark violin school and has exhibited at the National Centre for Craft and Design. Her instruments are made using traditional methods and materials including hand carved necks, tuned soundboards, scalloped bracing and natural glues and finishes. Hand-built to exacting standards, each guitar is built to be responsive, tonally balanced and tailored to the player.

STEAMhouse has enabled Susie to extend her ways of making, to source new materials and to explore fresh creative avenues. She is currently prototyping a range of ideas including, bespoke metal tailpieces, carved tops and screen-printing wood. A multidisciplinary approach to instrument making allows each element to combine to make a truly unique and inspiring experience for the player.

Art at the Heart CIC

Kamaljit and Mukesh are artist educators and founding directors of Art at the Heart CIC. Both have extensive experience of teaching and leading FE arts education. As Director of Creative & Performing Arts at Matthew Boulton College, Mukesh set up the “FEED” Studio initiative in Millennium Point Birmingham, which received national recognition for its pioneering philosophy of delivering creative education with live industry collaboration (National Winner of the TES FE Award for Outstanding Innovation in Teaching and Learning 2011). Kamaljit is passionate about mixing new technologies with traditional drawing skills.

Art at the Heart CIC is a not for profit organisation that uses arts and cultural learning to empower people and build stronger communities. Through STEAMhouse we aim to develop our heritage and cultural festivals exploring digital technologies, emerging projection and sound capabilities to create architectural environments that move fluidly between traditional and contemporary festival experiences.


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