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Raven Warboards

Raven Warboards is a tabletop terrain design company that designs a variety of terrain tiles and pieces for the tabletop war games industry, model railway and diorama hobbyists.
Designed for 25-32mm scales the board seamlessly connect in a variety of different patterns and positions creating a different table top landscape every time. The tiles connect using a series of magnets; no use for small clips or dowels which can easily can lost or broken.

Shaheen Ahmed

Shaheen Ahmed works with maps; cutting, layering and stitching to create small-scale reliefs. These sculptural objects contain tent-like elements that explore the idea of sanctuary relating to the destitute and the downtrodden and seek to reflect, more generally, on the history of global diasporic communities. The relief structures also evidence an interest in Islamic pattern work, particularly that of the Alhambra Palace, a building that symbolises, for Shaheen, the importance and longevity of the coexistence of different cultures and perspectives within Europe.

Shaheen has worked with the Ikon Gallery Birmingham, as an artists’ mentor. This took her to Karachi in Pakistan; she was subsequently, the lead artist on a related project linking schools in Birmingham and Karachi. Her recent residency at the Lapworth Museum of Geology, University of Birmingham, has enabled her, through collaboration with Dr Carl Stevenson, to look at the movement of people in relation to geophysics. Shaheen studied book binding and gestural mark making with esteemed calligraphers and binders in Italy as part of year long residency with the National Trust in 2007. In 2007 she received the Alhambra Award for Excellence in the Arts.

Using her brush marks Shaheen is working towards creating a light projection with her time at Steamhouse, and her studio at the Old Print Works in Balsall Heath and once a month at Lapworth Museum of Geology.

Jim O’Raw

I'm an artist / printmaker.

My focus has been centred around luck and financial trappings, using the lottery with an emphasis on scratch cards as a symbol of escape, a golden ticket juxtaposed with day to day realities. I've been especially drawn to scratch cards due to their aesthetic appeal, finite shelf life and winning algorithms.

Through research and experimentation my aim is to create artefacts using minimum wage as a price point.

O'Hare & D'Jafer

O’Hare and D’Jafer are an applied arts design studio, involved in the creation and manufacture of luxurious leather furnishings. Architects, interior designers, and art consultants, working within 5 star hotels, luxury ships and private residences around the world specify our work.

We strive to create unique and intriguing solutions for feature wall surfaces applicable to both commercial and residential projects on land and sea. We fill the art decorative solution, functional as well as good to look upon. The hand work and craftsmanship of our studio combined with the latest digital technology bring soul to the projects.

The Terrain moulded leather wall panels is our first project with STEAMhouse, the pieces were launched in September 2018 at Decorex International Expo London. Since October 2018 having completed numerous development meetings with new clients, we have listened to customer concern, we believe it can be resolved through the pivot of our wall panels. We have identified that through a reduction in scale of the wall panels into interlocking tile sections we will have a viable commercial product.

To develop this product we need to resolve a series of technical design and manufacture questions that will require machinery not available to us currently. Working with STEAMhouse will facilitate the development process in good time for product launch.

Matt Westbrook

I am an artist, educator and founding member of Grand Union Studios and Gallery. I have taught since 2002 and am the course leader for the Art and Design Foundation course at Dudley College.

My practice is underpinned by an interest in simulated environments and applying concepts such as pareidolia to an art practice.

At STEAMhouse I am learning new skills in marquetry and digital manufacturing and working alongside fellow members Intervention Architecture to design and build a bespoke exhibition structure and LAB that will tour a display of new sculpture, film and photographic work alongside plant and food outcomes.

I have been researching the life and legacy of politician Joseph Chamberlain and wish to engage a wide audience in discussions on cultural, political and global conservation issues. Chamberlain’s flamboyant dress and trademark buttonhole orchid made him an instantly recognisable figure in the 19th Century but at what environmental cost did maintaining this extravagant image have? The project aims to be an advocate for ongoing research between UK and Colombian academic and cultural institutions and raise the loss of biodiverse environments.

The project ‘Mr Chamberlain’s Orchids’ has received generous funding from Arts Council England, Bruntwood, The Feeney Trust, University of Birmingham, New Art West Midlands, and The Chamberlain Highbury Trust and will run from Summer 2019 to Spring 2020.

Jez Collins

The Birmingham Music Archives is a cultural and creative arts organisation that captures, documents and celebrates the musical culture of Birmingham. We believe Birmingham’s music history, heritage and culture should be central to the city’s place-making activities, narratives and cultural offer.

The BMA repurposes the materials associated with music history, heritage and culture to develop participatory projects such as exhibitions, tours, talks, youth and community focused projects and broadcast media (films and radio). We currently have an engaged community of over 7000 active citizen archivists across our platforms who upload materials and memories of Birmingham and its music culture. We're currently working on creating street maps related to Birmingham's music for outdoor use to explicitly link music culture to place across the city utilising STEAMhouse's knowledge and equipment to experiment with design and materials.

Faisal Hussain

As part of my inter-disciplinary practice, current works are wall-mounted sculptures and depictions of landscapes created using different materials with additional moving image, static visual art, photography. These pieces are inspired by the photography of different locations found online and discovered. I am interested in discovering new methods of production and incorporating them into my process.

Sustainable Microclimates

I'm James and I help art galleries and museums take care of the collections.

We're working on the BlowerBox - a fast and easy way to measure the airtightness and spot leakage in cabinets for displaying and preserving against pollution and moisture.

Sharon Foster

I am a multi-disciplinary artist primarily working with metal, print and lighting, fabricating materials to create meaningful narratives that aim to inspire and uplift.

Although I consider myself to be an emerging artist and interdisciplinary maker, I worked in the creative industries for 25 years and as an independent theatre and event producer for the last 12 years, before completing a Masters in Art & Design Interdisciplinary Practice at Birmingham City University (BCU) in 2018. I have had work featured in exhibitions including Pulpa at RK Burt Gallery in London (2017) and The King & I at &model in Leeds (2017).

So far at STEAMhouse, I've worked in collaboration with artist, Anne Brierley, on a commission from Aintree Hospital to celebrate the 70th birthday of the NHS, which was installed in the hospital in April.

For the next 6 months I'll focus on developing a prototype for a beneficial and responsive lighting product based on the principles used in Human Centric Lighting and Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) systems to create a lighting product that is aesthetically uplifting and has a handmade composition, whilst embracing the ability to create meaningful effects that digital technology affords, with a focus on supporting energy for pleasure and recreation – not just for productivity and waking but to encourage wholehearted living.

Sam Underwood

I am a musician, sound artist and musical instrument designer. My work in musical instrument design focuses on the development of new musical instruments; predominantly acoustic and mechanical, with a particular penchant for those in the bass/sub-bass register. One of the central aims of my work in creating new musical instruments is to develop fresh interfaces with sound for both performer and audience.

I have an almost unhealthy fascination with sound, often being distracted by a squeaky shoe or the sound of the ventilation system when I should be concentrating on something else.

I also perform live electronic/dance music – mainly using self-built acoustic instruments – and drone, doom metal influenced music on tuba.

I like to collaborate.

Nikki Pugh

I'm an artist investigating how we perceive, navigate and interact with spaces.

At STEAMhouse I'm developing my welding and metal fabrication skills, as applied to the craft of bicycle framebuilding.

Ruth Claxton

Ruth Claxton is an Artist. Her work has been presented nationally and internationally by galleries and projects including Ikon Gallery, Site Santa Fe, Spike Island, Whitechapel Gallery, Situations and the Guangzhou Triennial. She has work in the Arts Council Collection, and in 2012 she won the Arts Foundation’s Yoma Sasburg Sculpture Fellowship. She is a founding Director of Eastside Projects where she works alongside Gavin Wade to lead the organisation and has co-curated projects including Sculpture Show (2009), Achaintre, Barker, Channer (2012), Samara Scott: Silks (2015), Birmingham Show (2015), Production Show (2016-18) and mix rice: Migrating Flavours (2018).

In 2014 she initiated research that led to the Birmingham Production Space proposal (2015), which outlined an ambitious proposition for a new, large scale, national centre for the production of art and design. Many of these ideas have been realised through STEAMhouse, a new £3.5million centre for cross sector, interdisciplinary collaborative and creative innovation, developed in partnership with Birmingham City University and funded by ERDF and Arts Council England, which opened in Birmingham in 2018. As STEAMhouse Creative Director she leads the Open Route which supports artists and other creative makers to test and make new work and develop their practice and career.


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