Carla Busuttil

While I have created and collaborated on works in multiple mediums my practice is centered around a core focus on painting. My work deals with historical figures, the shadows and spectres of colonialism and wealth inequality. I am particularly interested in notions of private versus public space, mapping and illustrating these often competing worlds. With each series of works that I make, I like to establish a particular theme that runs through the work. Currently, I am developing a new series of works that centre on the figure of the public, or private, school boy in various painterly compositions. I like how the focus and repetition of this stereotyped figure enables an accessible exploration into ideas around a specific social structure as well as various political ideologies. The recurring figure also enables me to have space to play with formal aspects of painting.

In collaboration with the STEAMhouse team I am creating a series of editioned silkscreen prints which will complement and support my artistic practice.