Claire Cotterill Mosaics

I'm an artist/maker living in Moseley, Birmingham. The emphasis of my practice over the last 25 years has been creating access to creative opportunities for people of all ages and abilities. I've worked to commission in educational, community, public, corporate and private environments, resulting in permanent, interior and exterior installations. On my last project I stepped out of my comfort zone and created large scale artworks using water jet cut aluminium and digital mosaics, drawing inspiration from the site's local heritage and people. This experience of working with digital and new technologies lead me to the Open Route at STEAMhouse. As a maker, I'm excited about exploring how my practice translates to digital and I'm looking forward to how this may evolve. At this initial stage of my membership I'm learning about moulds and casting and the use of bio-materials and creating 'art panels' and exploring the use of smart technologies within this. I'm also looking forward to learning more about 3D design software and how I can incorporate this within my practice. I'm keen to collaborate with other members with similar aims.