Claire Leggett

Hi, I'm Claire a colour, pattern and print loving painter and designer.
I'm a Painter, Printer, Stitcher, exhibiting my art and I am currently Artist in Residence at University of Birmingham Winterbourne House and Gardens.
I regularly deliver Textile based workshops as an Artist Tutor at MAC Birmingham.
I freelance as a Surface Pattern Designer selling pattern designs into the industry.
And I facilitate creative opportunities for all ages in the Midlands through leading workshops in organisations such as Birmingham Museums and Art Gallery; Mothership Projects, MAC Birmingham, Winterbourne House and Gardens and local art groups.

At STEAMhouse I have been reacquainting myself with processes I have not used since college, such as the photographic exposure unit, in order to screen print my own designs. I have discovered the possibilities of the Sublimation printer to bring designs into production and heat-pressed and constructed a kimono of my own pattern design for a recent exhibition at MAC Birmingham. I am developing techniques using resin as a way of framing paintings and experimenting with the laser cutter to cut fabric and acetate for print stencils.