Creature Encounter Ltd

We are business partners Michael Crouch and Jamie Duncombe, as children in the 1980's, we grew up in the golden age of practical effects. It was an appreciation of this rich history of monster making and creature effects, imprinted on us in childhood, that led us to one another as adults and has since become our livelihood.

Creature Encounter is a puppetry and special effects company specializing in the fabrication of practical character effects for live events. Located in an old Victorian Pen Factory within the historic Jewellery Quarter we have been trading for over a decade. Through a network of agents and our talented performance crews, we deliver our characters into festivals and communities across the Uk and beyond. In addition, we also create bespoke characters for outside clients.

We are excited to develop our digital production capacity at Steamhouse, streamlining our current processes to improve efficiency. Let the 3d printing begin!